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null Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 on Timisoara, Romania

On 11 and 12 October Business Day organised the Entrepreneurship Summit at Timisoara, Romania. This event is one the most important business events in Romania. It brings together entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from different fields of activity from Romania and foreign speakers with impeccable professional experience and reputation in their field of expertise to share experiences on how to create a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Romania. President, Christoph Stueckelberger, was invited to speak on the 11 October on the Master class on Value Driven Business. Through his speech he shared the idea that the goal of business and economy is to contribute to a life in dignity for all human beings through the production, trading, allocation, consumption and recycling of goods and services by innovation, creating jobs, cultivating and conserving the non-human environment and making profit for sustainable business. He showed how ethics can contribute to this purpose through the integration of values into business and investments. 
It has been shown that ethics helps to build trustworthy relationships between stakeholders, strengthens reputation through integrity, increases transparency, reduces corruption and contributes to inclusiveness and equality.