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null Ethics as a Way to Excellence and Acquisition of Human Values

On the 19th of December 2016, about 100 high school students and their teachers from different public and private schools in Bujumbura, Burundi, gathered for a one day workshop on ethics as a way to excellence and acquisition of human values.

The key speakers were Prof. Adrien Ntabona, Mr. Claver Ndikuriyo and Dr. Adophe Sururu. The day's event begun with a word of welcome by the National contact for Burundi, Prof. Hermengilde Rwantabagu and the Rector of the Jesuit High School, where the event was hosted.

A representative from the government ministry of education was present to give a speech on behalf of the Minister. The Minister for Education pointed out in her speech that the subject of ethics was critical and thanked for organising and event of this nature for the youth. A variety of topics were covered such as "Ethics as part of the evolution of Mankind", "Ethics in today's education" and "Ethics in conflict resolution".

The event was covered by the media and reported during prime time news on national television broadcast. The East Africa Programme Executive (PE) carried out a presentation on and encouraged the participants to register and use the online library. Thirty six new participants registered themselves on this day. He also encouraged the participants to participate in the regional competition on ethics in higher education running up to 28th of February 2017.

A video report is available in French (below) and Kirundi.