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null Ethics for Successful Learning and Social Harmony in Burundi

(The workshop in Bujumbura, Burundi on 10 April 2017)
On 10 April 2017 young people at the International School (École Internationale) in Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, took part in a workshop on ‘Ethics as a Foundation for Successful Learning and Social Harmony'. The event followed a workshop held in Bujumbura on 19 December 2016 with the aim to make young people aware of the important place of ethics in learning, learning which otherwise could be shallow, misguided and even sometimes damaging, for example when grades and qualifications are attained through fraudulent means. It was also an opportunity to make the case to the youth for the contribution of ethical thought and practice to the achievement and maintenance of social harmony and stability. 
The workshop targeted high school boys and girls as well as some of their teachers involved in peace and civic education. The day's event began with a word of welcome by the National Contact for Burundi Prof. Hermengilde Rwantabagu and the head teacher of the host school. A representative from the government ministry of education was present to give a speech from the minister. The minister had also acknowledged and commended the programme (in an earlier letter) for organising educative workshops for the youth.
Other key speakers included Rev. Prof. Liboire Kagabo, Amb. Albert Mbonerane, Mr. Joseph Butoyi and Prof. Adophe Sururu. The event was well covered and broadcast by the media. On 26 April 2017 Prof. Rwantabagu was interviewed at the Schools Radio station, a station run by the Ministry of Education, during which he spoke about and what it can do in Burundi.