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null Ethics in Higher Education in Zimbabwe: Less Universities, more Vocational Trainings

A seminar on Ethics in Higher Education was organised by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches ZCC in cooperation with Head Office on 3 Feb 2018 in Harare/Zimbabwe. 
16 professors and academic leaders from ten public and private universities in Zimbabwe were excited to hear about the focus on Ethics in Higher Education (EHE), presented by Christoph Stückelberger, an ethics professors and President and founder of
Corruption, plagiarism and the fear to speak the truth have been identified as some of the problems. "We also have to rethink the current trend that every denomination wants to create its own university which are often not viable or low quality. Instead, churches should explore to create more vocational training centres which create more jobs for young people than jobless academics", said ZCC General Secretary Dr. Kenneth Mtata. 
The group decided to closely cooperate as Ethics Network on EHE and asked the ZCC to further support them as convener.