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null EuroISME annual Prize for the best Thesis on Military Ethics

In November 2015, EuroISME's Board of Directors decided to establish an annual prize for the best thesis on military ethics. The aims of the prize are:

  1. to promote an active involvement in the study and application of military ethics,human rights and humanitarian law in a pro-active manner, thus promoting adialogue on common European values;
  2. to promote participation at our annual conferences;
  3. to promote EuroISME as relevant player in the field;
  4. to publish the winning theses as a cahier (paper copy) and on line (open access) in two/three European languages.

The topics of EuroISME's annual conferences shall be leading – that is to say, submissions will be considered if they discuss a topic which is: either the topic of our next annual conference, or the topic of one of our previous annual conferences. For instance, the topic for EuroISME's 2018 conference is: The Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies in Warfare. The topic of our 2017 conference was: ‘‘Restraint in war: essential for a just peace?'' In 2016 the topic was "Ethics in counter-terrorism" and in 2015 it was: "Ethics in military leadership". A submission on any of these
topics will be eligible for the 2018 prize which will be awarded in Toledo, Spain.

The theses
Only theses at the level of an Academic Master are eligible. A thesis shall have a minimum of 12000 words and a maximum of 20000 words. In contrast to last year, concerning the prize of 2017, it is now possible to submit in the French and German languages – at least for the first round of assessment. If a thesis passes to the second (final) round it will have to be translated so that it can be read by the full jury. Submissions must have been concluded either in the current academic year or during one of the two previous academic years. A submitted thesis should have received a minimum of a B+ that is to say "very good" from the ethics professor who supervised the author.

Submissions shall not be made by the authors, but on their behalf by the ethics professors/tutors of the military academies or civilian universities who have tutored them. This should:

  1. Assure that manuscripts are of the highest quality;
  2. Encourage healthy competition between the institutions involved. Submissions shall include:
  • the name, rank, age and nationality of the author, and, if applicable, mention of the branch of the Armed Forces concerned (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Military Police, etc);
  • contact details including the name and address of the academy or university where the thesis was written;
  • the name and contact details of the ethics professor of that academy or university who has supervised and submitted the thesis;
  • the grade awarded to the thesis concerned by the tutor;
  • a statement concerning scientific integrity, to the effect that the thesis has been actually written by the author himself;
  • a statement on the year when the submission has been concluded.

Submissions must be sent to The deadline for submissions is 30th November 2017.

The prize
Two prizes will be available. The first prize consists of:

  1. the opportunity to present the thesis orally at EuroISME's annual conference at the prize winning ceremony;
  2. the travel and hotel costs paid by EuroISME;
  3. € 500;
  4. the opportunity to publish with us in a special cahier (hard copy), and online on an open access basis in two or three European languages;
  5. the military academy or university concerned will receive an honourable citation and a plaque, the former will also be visible on our website.

The author winning the second prize will receive:

  1. the opportunity to present the thesis orally at a conference of EuroISME in one of the conference's regular panels;
  2. travel and hotel costs to attend the EuroISME conference;
  3. € 350;
  4. the opportunity to publish with us;
  5. the military academy or university concerned will receive an honourable citation and a plaque, the former will also be visible on our website.

The jury has published the regulations for the prize on EuroISME's website at

Download the Fact sheet EuroISME's 2018 Prize for the best Thesis on Military Ethics of 2018

Download the Regulations for the prize of 2018

Our website will publish regular updates. For further enquiries, or if you wish to have your institution added to our mailing list, please contact the secretary of the jury at for other questions, please contact the Executive Director concerned, Dr. Ted van Baarda, at