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null Featured Book Chapter: AI in Student Recruitment and Selection


To illustrate the concept of inclusivity, diversity and equity, three important values that are incorporated into the mission, this month the Library has chosen to feature a chapter of the recently released Publication “AI Ethics and Higher Education: Good Practice and Guidance for Educators, Learners and Institutions”.

The featured book chapter, written by Divya Singh and Avani Singh, is entitled "AI in Student Recruitment and Selection: Artificial Intelligence and the Need for Authenticity and Integrity". It looks at the risk AI poses to diversity, inclusion and equity in higher education recruitment and selection, whether due to unconscious bias from those programming the AI or from AI learned behaviours, and how ethical values are needed to prevent discrimination and exclusion.

Are students at risk of being excluded from university selection processes because AI has pre-judged them to be less likely to succeed? Does AI recruitment target a particular gender, race, socioeconomic background, or another factor more than others?

The chapter is available at