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null First SDGs and Green Entrepreneurship Training, Beijing

The first Green Entrepreneurship Training under the Sustainable Development Goals was held successfully at the UIBER Space in Beijing on 29 March 2017.

The organisers and co-sponsors of this event included: the Centre for International Business Ethics (CIBE), host institution of the China Regional Programme, and the Green Entrepreneurship Research Center of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE); the Environmental and Development Research Center of the University of Oslo in Norway; the Beijing Office of the United Nations International Labour Organization; UIBER Space; The Central Committee of the Communist Young League; Zhongyihui Technology Co., Ltd.(Beijing); Wuhu Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing); and Sevennotes Coffee.Supporting institutions included Hongtai Innovation Space and Green Venture. Professor Liu Baocheng, Director of the Green Entrepreneurship Research Center at UIBE hosted this conference. 
The Green Entrepreneurship Training under the Sustainable Development Goals is a public service training programme jointly sponsored by the Center for Green Entrepreneurship of the UIBE and the Center for Development and Environmental Studies of the University of Oslo. The project aims to disseminate the concept of sustainable development and enhance entrepreneurial skills in order to keep "pace with development goals and practicing green entrepreneurship".
Professor Wang Tietong, Vice President of the International Business School of the UIBE, Ms Kristin Iglum, Minister Counselor of the Norwegian Embassy in China, and Mr Shen Jun, Vice Minister of the China Youth Development Service Center, addressed the meeting.
Professor Wang Tietong asked three important questions: why should we pay attention to mainstream social development? What is mainstream social development? and How can green business be conducted? Green development and innovation in entrepreneurship are the two major issues in today's social development. Historical experience tells us that companies that succeed in the fierce competition of the market are often more competitive. Therefore, in this era, with a trade of "public entrepreneurship and innovation", green entrepreneurship plays an important role. The training would focus on the essential social significance of green business and on "how to carry out green business.
Ms Kristin Iglum from the Norwegian Embassy expressed appreciation for the initiation and implementation of the project. She believed that the United Nations sustainable development goals are very important for both China and Norway. Now, we are facing global challenges such as poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, refugee crises and violent conflict, and the concept of sustainable development helps to solve these problems. The Norwegian Embassy has long been concerned with the development of education, green entrepreneurship and innovation. She hoped that this training project would promote the dissemination of the concept of sustainable development and stimulate the potential and talents of entrepreneurs.
Mr Shen Jun from the Central Committee of the Communist Young League pointed out that innovation and breakthroughs in terms of new concepts are essential for the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to broaden their horizons and turn knowledge into skills. In addition, the entrepreneurial belief is also important for entrepreneurial success. He hoped that this training would help entrepreneurs to understand the concept of sustainable development and he wished entrepreneurs success in their efforts to implement green entrepreneurship.