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null Global Ethics Day 2017: Integrity, Compliance and Management

As part of the's engagement to mark Global Ethics Day 2017, our Regional Programme in Turkey (TEID) held a conference titled ‘Party Integrity and Compliance Risk of International Companies and their management'.

The two-part event was jointly hosted with YASED and received an attendance over 180 participants. In the first part of the event, an in-depth discussion was held about the risks arising from the third parties in ethics, integrity and compliance issues, the international experiences and best global practices of these companies with live examples, and the effect of these risks on the investment environment. The latter part of the event was dedicated to the panel: ‘A Chain is Only Strong as its Weakest Link'.

A breif report of the event can be downloaded here: TEID Conference Report [4 MB]

Flyers featuring inspiration quotes related to ethics were also created to further promote the event:


For information about TIED, you can visit their website at: