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null Global North Round Table Discussion on Balanced and Inclusive Education

This round table consultation meeting is jointly organised by The Education Relief Foundation (ERF) and in cooperation with the University of Geneva (Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education – Research Team in International Dimensions of Education).
The round table discussions will give the opportunities to experts from different regions in the Global North including those from international organizations (UNESCO) to address three key questions:
  1. How do we articulate the possibilities, limitations and challenges of balanced and inclusive schooling and education in the Global North?
  2. Share policies and implementing mechanism for achieving balanced and inclusive education based on intraculturalism, transdisciplinarity, dialecticism and contextuality (ERF's four pillars of balanced and inclusive education)
  3. What are the successful experiences/projects in your region (organization) that you want to share with us about locally and culturally appropriate education?
  4. What are the means and instruments to better connect international and national actors in the education sector?
The results of this round table discussion will be formally presented at the United Nations in Geneva on December 8th, 2017 in view of endorsing the necessity of producing a Policy Guide for Code of Ethics in Balanced and Inclusive Education.