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null Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education, 21-23 June 2017

Around 70 delegates from over 20 countries will take part in the Globethics Consortium on Ethics In Higher Education from 21-23 June 2017 in Geneva. Over the two and a half day(see the Consortium programme) of facilitated roundtable discussion stimulated by inputs from keynote speakers delegates will form the Consortium and set the pace for collaboration between members institutions. 
Participants will work together on the Consortium vision, on how they would like the Consortium to be, the goals and objectives, on who the Consortium members serve, and how, with time spent on the planning of joint projects. It is envisaged that Consortium activities include collaboration on curriculum development and teaching materials, online courses, seminars and workshops, research leading to publications, and special projects and certification programmes, all with the aim to enhance ethical governance and leadership best practices.  
The Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education is being established to promote and support ethics education worldwide through the education of future leaders for life and sustainable development.  The goals and actions are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UNESCO Education 2030 Framework for Action. 

The Consortium comprises two phases of development:

Phase I: Preparation for the formation of the Consortium (January to June 2017) 

Phase II:  Launch of the Consortium and implementation of activities and joint projects - Action Plan 2018-2020


For more information about the Consortium check Globethics Consortium website, and contact Anh Tho Andres-Kammler, Programme Executive Ethics Education,