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null at International Integrated Reporting Council, New York, USA Senior Associate Sustainable Development, Dr Teodorina Lessidrenska, represented at the meeting of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in New York, USA from 25-26 April 2017. The meeting, hosted by the CFA Institute and the New York Society of Security Analysts marked an important milestone in the implementation of the Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework by the growing global IIRC network. Major successes were highlighted during the meeting in the adoption of the IR Framework in the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia. has been a member of the IIRC, a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, the accounting profession and NGOs, since 2012. 
The IIRC's focus in the next 12 months will be on strategic building of the IIRC Network, including expansion of the IIRC Business Network and development of five key IIRC special interest groups: Academic; Pension Funds; Public Sector; Technology; and Banking. The IR Academic Special Interest Group is focused on the role of Academic Institutions in promoting and teaching the young generation in the concepts and practice of Integrated thinking and IR. would like to inform its academic and higher education partners, members and supporters that the IIRC launched its LinkedIn <IR> Academic Network on 13 April 2017 ( You are invited to join over 400 participants currently in this new IIRC Network that will focus on sharing and discussing the IR challenges and opportunities, best practices and tools and will stimulate research and publication of articles on IR related topics.
The IIRC's mission is to establish integrated reporting <IR> and thinking within mainstream business practice as the norm in the public and private sectors. The idea is that <IR> helps businesses and organisations to think holistically about their strategy and plans, to make informed decisions and manage key risks to build investor and stakeholder confidence and improve future performance.