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null at Swiss Development information centres' spring meeting

Andreas Waldvogel, Programme Executive Online Library, presented the Online Library at the spring meeting of the Network of Swiss Development Documentation Centres (NEDS) on 9 May 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.
NEDS was created in the 1980s to share knowledge and expertise, develop synergies among members and improve public access to information and documents in the area of development cooperation. The members of NEDS belong to universities, government agencies and mission and aid agencies and the network brings together 20 of the most important Swiss information centres specialised in international development cooperation issues. partners, such as Mission 21 (a GlobeTheoLib Consortium member), Alliance Sud InfoDoc and the Graduate Institute Geneva, are among the members of NEDS.
Mr Waldvogel  provided participants at the meeting with an overview of as an organisation, its vision, mission and main activities and services before introducing the  Online  Library and  GlobeTheoLib, the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism,  a joint project of and the World Council of Churches. Questions from participants after the presentation included technical information on data import and the relationship between religious and universal ethics and on content related to medical ethics in the library.