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null at the Social Good Summit 2017

Social Good SummitOn 13th October, 2017 attended the Social Good Summit 2017, an event that brought together ‘high level decisions makers—entrepreneurs, investors, governments, large companies and international organizations—to foster collaboration for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'.
The event, attended by Dr. Jing LI, Programme Executive Strategic Development and Business Ethics from Foundation, actively participated into the main sessions "What role impact investment can play to advance the SDGs?" and "What is the business value of impact measurement?"
During the Networking Lunch "Philanthropy for Sustainable Development in China" hosted by China Foundation Center (CFC), Dr. LI met with Mr. Tao Ze, President of CFC, and Ms. Zhanh Ruiying, Executive Director of CFC. Ms. Zhang representing CFC has expressed the interest of cooperating with on the theme of business ethics and the related subjects such as philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.
For more detailed information on the Summit, please refer the below link: at the Social Summit 2017 at the Social Summit 2017 at the Social Summit 2017