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null attends the WSIS Forum 2017

The team attended several sessions during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum from 12 to 16 June in Geneva, Switzerland. The meetings, held at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) buildings, represents the world's largest annual multi-stakeholder gathering of the ICT for the development community, and is co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP, in close collaboration with all UN agencies. The Chair-elect of this year's forum was Mr Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT, Government of Rwanda.
During the Forum, professionals from private, public and non-profit sectors met to discuss and reflect on how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can make the world a better place.
As an online library and platform, is highly involved in making sure that digital tools can be used to reach people from the global south. It was therefore important for to engage with international stakeholders and to align with the latest policies, development and guidance regarding IT, including those related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
As well as following the event remotely our team attended several of the workshops, including our President Christoph Stückelberger who went to the workshop on "Digital Transformation of Learning, Education and Training" on the first day of the conference. Our Programme Executive Online Library, Andreas Waldvogel attended the Official Opening Ceremony which set the priorities of the 2017 Forum. Our Deputy Director Lucy Howe López was present at the high level panel on "Inclusiveness - Access to Information and Knowledge for All".  Dr Jing Li, Programme Executive Strategic Development and Business Ethics attended "Promote the Development of Internet and Mobile Internet Information Accessibility" workshop organized by the Internet Society of China.


ICT plays a huge part in implementing the SDGs by improving access, equality and development. fully supports digital innovation but also wants to raise the ethical perspective of online development. 
Participants included at least 500 high-level policy-makers from 150+ countries, including government ministers and experts, civil society leaders, academics, business leaders and international organizations.
The WSIS Forum 2017 will result in several concrete outcomes that will enable stakeholders to strengthen implementation of WSIS Action Lines and the alignment of the WSIS and SDG processes.