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null celebrates World Book and Copyright Day 2017

We are joining UNESCO on 23 April, the anniversary of the deaths of two major authors — William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes — to celebrate the cultural, educational and humanist aspects of books on World Book and Copyright Day 2017. Here at the online library, our main priority is to promote the reading, exchange and publishing of books online. We provide access to full text documents in our digital library on applied ethics free of charge for everyone, whether they are young or old, students or professionals or simply interested in browsing the wealth of information available on ethics in different languages from around the world.

Are Opportunities and the Free Flow of Information and Ideas at Risk?

Focusing on Openness and the Unintended Consequence of the Overuse of Technology

Openness is a great ideal; freedom of research is based upon it. However, educational books have a cost — the average price of a book has gone up by 800% over the last 40 years — and this cost has become a major concern for students and parents in all the countries of the world, and in particular in the Global South (see: Marilyn S Billings, Marilyn (2015))
     The open access resources provided by the Library, as the largest free online access ethics library in the world, meet students' needs for online text books. 
In particular, open and distance learning education is being documented since it provides a possible alternative to the rising costs of education. Openness needs to be examined with an expert's eyes to ensure that we take the measure of the real opportunities of open access for education after 10 years of commitment in favour of open access. 
As a new feature, the Library offers valuable resources on the advantages and disadvantages of ITC technology related to open education and distance learning. 
– by Ignace Haaz, Globethics Publications Manager 
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Journals about Ethics in Higher Education and bibliography

A New Collection of 46 Journals on Education and Ethics, downloadable for free by participants, is a clear entry point to the Library collection of journals on education and ethics.

Bibliography about Ethics in Higher Education