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Ethics palaver around the fireplace by Prof. Dr Obiora Francis Ike Network India
Dialogue and Co-operation in India Francophone Africa
Ethical Thursdays in Benin (EN & FR) South America
Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research (EN & ES)
New partnership with UNEV in Dominican Republic (EN & ES) Turkey
Turkey's First Certified Ethics and Compliance Managers

Mobile Phones, Ethics, and Global Online Teaching: Experience from Nigeria Marking International Women's Day 2017
Reminder: It's #EthicalPoetry month this April 2017, send us your poems Library 
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Health Ethics Collection updated Research / Projects 
Two-day Training of Trainers: Programme on Ethics in Higher Education

Call for papers and events:

  • Bioethics Symposium by Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Austria
  • OMNIA Leadership Training Invitation, 17-19 May 2017
  • 16th Annual BEN-Africa conference on Ethics and Energy
  • Ethics and Reconciliation in Poetry and Writing - International Call for papers


Book launch in Benin: Ethical Foundations of Feminism (EN & FR)

Latest publications:

  • Le pacifisme chrétien à partir d'une lecture de l'Épître aux Romains.
  • Beyond Prosperity? European Economic Governance as a Dialogue between Theology, Economics and Politics.
  • Interfaith Dialogues in Indonesia and Beyond. Head Office 
Values-driven: Annual Report 2016
Dr. Obiora Ike presents interview with EWTN
New Board

Editorial by AUTHOR

Ethics palaver around the fireplace

The image of the fireplace at night, in private homes, family spaces and village squares, remains unique in many cultures and traditions, despite the discovery and use of electricity to brighten the night. The fireplace brings the reality of warmth for people during cold seasons, it makes space for story telling conversations and gives room for ‘palaver' (heated debates), which comes from illuminated sharing of knowledge at night. Today, despite all the provisions of modernity since the discovery of electric light, there is ‘blindness' on the horizon, a lack of certainty amid the stark reality of darkness hovering around the hearts and minds of many people, including institutions that influence or govern public life. 
There is a need, an urgent and serious need for a sober reflection by humanity, for an ethics palaver around the fireplace, to exchange and learn from each other. ‘Ethics in Higher Education' is our agenda to reach the youth in particular. We are extending an invitation to all members of our network, especially to higher education institutions to join the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education that we are convening, with the aim to contribute to creating an ethical society through the education of future leaders. This Consortium of institutions will promote ethics in higher education through various collaborative measures and is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the UNESCO Education Framework 2030 to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.  
This agenda for ethics in higher education offers concrete programmes, such as: certification of ethics standards and benchmarking for ethical governance and management aiming at ranking and accreditation among Consortium members; training-the-trainers by strengthening the professional awareness and ethics teaching, research and training capacity of teachers, aiming at a certified ethics professional (CEP) qualification; promotion of joint educational projects for ethics in higher education by supporting students with tools and resources to access quality education and equal opportunities for employment; and support for capacity building for Consortium members through mainstreaming and integrating ethical reflection and action in research for sustainable development. 
I am glad to invite you to the Consortium for Ethics in Higher Education (GECEHE) scheduled for institutions and persons who lead universities worldwide from 21 to 23 June, 2017 in Geneva. You cannot be left out as an expert or a researcher, a regulator or indeed a leader of a higher education institution from this great initiative. Welcome!

Prof. Dr Obiora Francis Ike Executive Director


Dialogue and Co-operation in India India and Journal of Dharma jointly organised three seminars in Goa, Thrissur and Bangalore in collaboration with institutes of higher education in India. The spirit of dialogue was an attitude of respect and friendship that permeates different forms of life. The survival and wellbeing of human society and the universe depend on human co-reflection, dialogue and co-operation. Read more... Francophone Africa

Ethical Thursdays in Benin
Jeudi éthique au Benin

Ethical Thursdays are a space for exchange and debate around ethical questions. These questions come for our direct environment or form current affairs. Read the report of the first event that took place on 9th of March 2016 (In French). Stay tuned as new reports with presentations will be uploaded for each Ethical Thursday. South America

Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research 
Etica y conducta responsable en investigación

A debate on ethics and responsible conduct in research took place in Cali, Colombia, on March 29. Read more about this event in Spanish.

New partnership with UNEV in Dominican Republic
Firma de convenio Universidad Nacional Evangélica (UNEV) y

A new partnership has been signed with la Universidad Nacional Evangélica de Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic. Read more in Spanish...

Turkey's First Certified Ethics and Compliance Managers congratulates TEID, partner and host institution of Turkey with the graduation of  25 Ethics and Compliance Managers in Turkey.
Ethics and Reputation Society TEİD, has left behind Turkey's first-ever Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program. This first session, which have started on November 5, 2016, took place in the premises of Istanbul Bilgi University's santral campus every Saturday for seven weeks. 25 Participants from different industries and professional core have been graduated on February 18, 2017 after the presentation of their practicum (a case study or code of ethics/policy writing). Read more...

Mobile Phones, Ethics, and Global Online Teaching: Experience from Nigeria 

In March 2017, Christoph Stückelberger, Professor of Ethics and President of, gave a two-week training on ‘Ethics of International Relations' and ‘Ethics of Political Behaviour' at Godfrey Okoye University, Unugu, Nigeria. Read more... marking International Women's Day

On Wednesday, 8 March, the team and global network were happy to mark International Women's Day. Check more how we marked this day...

Reminder: It's #EthicalPoetry month this April, send us your poems

April 2017 brings the annual US National Poetry Month, which is a 30 day celebration of poetry and creativity. To mark this event, during the month of April will be sharing poetic ethical reflections from poets within our network—and we would like you to participate too. Send us your poems on the theme of "global values" (i.e. values that transcend all nationalities and cultures) for possible publication before 10 April 2017. Find the guidlines and more information here.

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Library tips of the month: All our Library records can now be exported via the Firefox extension Zotero, a widely used open source reference management tool which allows to easily collect, organise, cite and share bibliographic references found on the web. More info...
If you have any questions, and/or feedbacks, please send us an email to 

Health Ethics Collection updated

Our Health Ethics Collection has be updated with now more thant 84'000 items.

BB17   Theses, dissertations (over 3'000 items)
BB12   Dictionaries     (62 items)
BB13   Bibliographies (115 items)
BB16   Ethics Codes/Guidelines/Charters/Professional Ethics (620 items)

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Two-day Training of Trainers: Programme Ethics on Higher Education together with academic leaders at the University of Nigeria is organising a two-day training of trainers for the University's top management on 7 and 8 April 2017. They will then train in turn 400 teachers and supervisors on the importance of ethics and quality in research and teaching at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka and Enugu. Read more...

Call for papers and events:

Bioethics Symposium by Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Austria
OMNIA Leadership Training Invitation, 17-19 May 2017
16th Annual BEN-Africa conference on Ethics and Energy
Ethics and Reconciliation in Poetry and Writing - International Call for papers

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Book launch in Benin: Ethical Foundations of Feminism
"Fondements éthiques du féminisme" de Fifamè Fidèle HOUSSOU GANDONOU

On 25 March the author Fifamè Fidèle Houssou Gandonou presented her book "Ethical Foundations of Feminism" [Fondements éthiques du féminisme], in Cotounou, Benin.

With an audience of more than 150 people, the event reviews the place and role of women in society as well as through the bible. Ethics is key in the understanding of feminism, to understand man and women that were created together for the fulfillment of the society. Read more...

Latest publications

Le pacifisme chrétien: Étude de l'Épître aux Romains (2017)

Kahwa Njojo
ISBN 978-2-88931-162-0

La recrudescence et l'omniprésence de cas de violence dans le monde invite à une réflexion théologique au sujet du problème de la construction de la paix dans un monde violent. Une réponse biblique s'avère indispensable. Le pacifisme caractérisé par la non-violence est un moyen efficace pour aboutir à la paix. Il est cohérent avec le message de l'Évangile et pertinent en ce qui a trait à la contribution que l'Église peut apporter dans son rôle de communauté appelée à construire la paix dans le monde. Ce livre développe la notion du pacifisme à partir de la lecture du passage de Romains 12,12-21.


Print copies will be available soon from| | |


Beyond Prosperity? European Economic Governance as a Dialogue between Theology, Economics and Politics (2017)

Editor: Peter Pavlovic
ISBN 978-2-88931-181-1

The coexistence and mutual influence of politics and the economy is an everyday reality in modern societies. A Christian perspective on this relationship speaks to the inseparability of ethics and economy, and also to the necessity of dialogue between theology and politics. Engagement in these issues is an important public role and responsibility for churches and Christian theology. The public role of religion in Europe in this current context includes highlighting the core values of Christianity. Of special import in this regard are justice and freedom, how they are exercised in life, and a focus on other values that have undergirded the European project since its beginning. This text turns its attention to a robust theological discussion of these ideas and the challenges facing the flourishing of these values in Europe. It is a unique ecumenical, European contribution to the wider discussion on the complex intersection of theology, ethics, politics, and the economy.

Order print copies from | |


Interfaith Dialogues in Indonesia and Beyond (2017)

Editor: Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras
ISBN 978-2-88931-183-5

Religious Studies in Indonesia as a full-fledged discipline has a long precedence, at least since 1970s, but found its momentum after the reformation of 1998. The establishment of CRCS (Centre for Religion and Cross-cultural Studies) in 2000, and the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) in 2006 marked a significant shift of the discipline. The two institutions provided Master and Doctoral program and researches on Religious Studies. In commemoration to the tenth anniversary of ICRS in 2016, eight alumni contributed part of their research project in the present volume, in order to provide a glimpse of the shift and issues addressed in the discipline at the present day Indonesia. One contribution from the Philippines emphasised further the dynamic of the studies in the region.

Order print copies from

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Values-driven: Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2015 cover

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Annual Report 2016, featuring updates on our activities during the year at Head office and in the community around the world. "Our task today is to assist in preparing the young and future leaders of Africa, Asia, Latin America and of other countries and regions of the world to become more informed, ethical, and responsible within the framework of a values-driven agenda", state our Executive Director, Obiora Ike and our President and Founder, Christoph Stückelberger in the introduction.

The focus in 2016 was and continues to be on ethics in education, reflected in the new resources and collections in the online library, the new Globethics Publications series on ethics in education, the theme of our flagship annual event the Global Ethics Forum 2016 and the activities with young people organised around Global Ethics Day and other international days during the year.

The Annual Report carries our annual accounts and tells you about our international Board of Foundation and our network of partners, Regional Programmes and National Contacts around the world. We thank all of our supporters, volunteers and donors for making our work to promote ethical reflection, dialogue and action possible and trust that you will enjoy reading our Annual Report 2016.

Download: Annual Report 2016 [PDF - English - 28 pages - 2.23 MB]

Executive Director Prof. Dr Obiora Ike presents Interview with EWTN

In March 2017, Prof. Dr Obiora Ike, Executive Director, gave an interview to the UN-based the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) with correspondent Martin Rothweiler. In the interview, Dr Obiora Ike introduced and explained the organisation's place in the world amidst current global problems and challenges that and the global community are tackling. Watch the two interviews here.




New Board

The first meeting of 2017 of the Board of Foundation in Geneva from 24-25 March 2017 was attended by three new members – Pablo Gentili (Argentina), Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli (Nigeria) and Walter Linsi (Switzerland) – following the end of the terms of office of four Board members at the end of 2016 (a full list of current and former Board members and Senior Advisors is available at Read more here...


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