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null Integrating Ethics in Higher Education

In late February 2017, our Executive Director, Prof. Obiora Ike visited a number of higher education institutions in Nigeria.

As part of the 4th Convocation Ceremony of Godfrey Okoye University,  Rev. Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike first celebrated the Opening Mass at Omnium Sanctorum in Enugu.

Inaugural Mass Photo Nigeria March 2017

The highest moment of the event was on Thursday 23rd of February when Prof Ike delivered the Inaugural Lecture.  More than 3.000 visitors, staff and students of the university attended the lecture.

Inaugural Lecture Procession Photo Nigeria March 2017 Inaugural Lecture National Anthem Photo Nigeria March 2017Inaugural Lecture Start Photo Nigeria March 2017

The lecture, titled Integrating Ethics in Higher Education: the imperative of values-based formation of future leaders, started by stating that "that ethics and values-driven responsible leadership are not a superfluous source but represent basic intangible assets of our civilization".

Prof. Ike gave reference to the  Global Ethics Forum, held in Geneva on June 2016, which challenged universities worldwide to play a leading role in reversing this global slide characterised by lack of meaning and the disorientation of values; of wars and the absence of peace; the growing abuse of the environment and the scandal of poverty, through values-driven educational models for future leaders. The role of universities implies the integration of ethics in the entirety of higher education policies and programs by integrating Ethics as a product and central derivative for the orientation of science, governance, economy, technology and culture with life sustaining values to guide students, teachers and community.

Obiora stressed that Ethics matters and that values define life. And, finally, that integrity is the most important capital of an individual, an institution or a community.

The lecture concluded with lessons on ethical values from African culture to use also as a model for integrating values-based formation for future leaders.

The full text of the lecture is available through our online library: Integrating Ethics in Higher Education

A participant to the event, shared on our Facebook page that is was "One of the most inspiring lectures I've ever heard in my life, not only from the ethical and value lectures but the lecturer himself was a pillar of inspiration. I quote him "Values define us, institution, culture and people; values, a set of principles and standards of behaviour of a person". I celebrate you Sir!!!"

During the event, Obiora met with government official and heads of education institutions to further progress Globethics' Ethics in Higher Education project and the creation of a Higher Education Consortium. As announced earlier, the Consortium for Partnership in Ethics Education initiated by in 2016 and a round table discussion is planned in Geneva in June 2017.

Dr.Ike, Governor of Enugu State Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Dr. Nwala Photo Nigeria March 2017 Photo With registrar of UNN Christopher Igbokwe Photo Obiora Ike with Alan Delani and Carl Gustav Bjertnes

More information about the Consortium:
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