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null International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cyber Security 2018

The International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity 2018 is taking place on 14–16 November 2018 at New Delhi, India. It is being organized by Cyberlaws.Net and Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates, Supreme Court of India.
The aim of the conference is to examine and analyse the current emerging Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity trends. Various international delegates from the Central Government, Ministries, Law Enforcement Agency, Police, Business, Information Technology, Corporate Sector, Academician and International Organisation will attend this conference. One of the speakers will be Founder and President, Christoph Stückelberger.
Those attending will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with important trends in cyberlaw, cybercrime and big data; network with experts and engage in dialogue on pertinent topics such as Cyberlaw, Internet of Things, Cybercrime, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchains, Cyber Security, Robotics and Other important areas.
This event is currently being supported by more than 90 international and national organizations.
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