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null Joint communique from the Participants of the second African Church Assets Programme (ACAP II)

The All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), Bread for the World and co-organised the second meeting of the African Christian Assets Programme (ACAP II) held at the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre of the AACC in Nairobi, Kenya from 21-23 September 2017.
African Christian Asset Programme II Group photo
In gratitude to all the facilitators and recognizing the responsibility to be good stewards and improve on resources entrusted to their care, the 26 participants drawn from 11 Countries of West Africa, Central, South and East Africa, and representing 16 organizations issued a Joint Communique. It is addressed to the leadership and members of Churches, the civil and public sectors; youth, Christian leaders and all those in their network with the primary aim to increase their asset mapping enhance their capacities, competencies and commitment to assets management and re-inforce their stewardship of the goods entrusted to their care.
You can read the joint statement in English (PDF) about this event.
The report of the first meeting, ACAP I in March 2016, is available in English. Also, you can read the joint statement from ACAP I in English and French