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null M&E Technology Manager at STIR Education at STiR Education

STiR Education is hiring for an exciting position of M&E Technology Manager at STIR Education, to be based in their Bangalore office in Karnataka, India. The key objective of this role is to conceptualize and develop a mobile based technology platform for driving a ‘good data' approach across India and Uganda.
Brief info about STIR and Good Data
STIR Education partners with education systems to ignite and sustain teachers' intrinsic motivation. They do this to improve classroom practice, children's learning and financial efficiency in education systems. STIR has grown rapidly, now impacting 27,000 teachers and 1.1 million children in India and Uganda. By 2022, we aim to reach 1.6 million teachers impacting 60 million children. STIR achieves its mission by building teacher networks and by embedding its approach deeply in education systems.
As their reach continues to expand, it is critical that they learn more rapidly about changes in teacher mindsets and behaviors, teaching practice, and student learning. The more that they learn about correlations between individual schools, teachers, and students, who all work in different contexts, come from different backgrounds, and face different challenges, the better they can provide more targeted, evidence-based support and decision making capacity to these individuals for improving their own practice as well as for better police formulation. Understanding these correlations, validated by external, rigorous impact evaluation with a representative sample of teachers and students to explore causal relationships can in turn greatly enhance education policy making among the systems that they work with.
Big data refers to an umbrella term for large quantities of diverse, high-frequency data which is stored for regular analysis and learning. Small data, as described by Pasi Sahlberg, refers to the "small clues that uncover huge trends," for example through teachers' and students' observations, assessments, and reflections of the teaching and learning process in the classroom. Going forward, STIR aims to ensure that our monitoring and evaluation approach will make use of a powerful combination between small and big data across our programs globally. Through the good data pivot approach, we want to empower all stakeholders in the system we work with to use data for decision making.
The candidate in this role will be responsible for designing and leading on the implementation of the good data mobile platform, with a key focus on deeply embedding the use of good data internally and externally in the systems that we partner with.
The below STIR values will act as key guiding principles to the successful realization of the good data pivot:
- We don't have all the answers upfront.
- Instead, we empower people: with high expectations and support, we'll find the answers together.
- We'll continually listen, reflect, learn and improve – and lead through whatever obstacles come our way.
- We're united by a shared belief, passion and vision – which we'll build, achieve and grow together.
Roles and Responsibilities:
As this is a new role in the organization, STIR is looking for a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit to drive the good data pivot across all of STIR's programs. The key responsibilities for the role are described below. Please note that the good data pivot approach will evolve as we learn more about the use of technology in education, and we thus foresee that the roles and responsibilities described below may change as well.
  • Conduct a feasibility assessment and develop a clear implementation plan towards realizing the good data mobile technology platform.
  • Design and development of good data pivot, including survey design, technology platform, logistics, stakeholder training, financing, etc. This entails taking overall responsibility of the development & successful implementation of the good data mobile platform in close partnership with a technology partner. The key activities include (but are not limited to):
  • Responsible for conceptualization, design, development (with support from tech vendors), and testing of the good data mobile platform
  • Create an operating plan to roll out the good data mobile technology platform to relevant stakeholders. Manage good data platform user activities and data through continuous feedback, strategic planning and training of the good data mobile app.
  • Collect, analyze, and respond to user feedback. Gather and evaluate ideas and opinions from internal and external stakeholders and users to refine the platform design, implementation and usage.
  • Plan new additions and changes in the platform.
  • Meet regularly with all the stakeholders including technical product developers, finance, STIR program and design teams and function heads
  • Manage budget related to good data mobile platform development and rollout
  • Support fundraising team on information required regarding good data pivot for donor reports.
  • Liaise with external vendors and technical partners for platform development
  • Research competitors and similar products
  • Ensure continued high-quality implementation as well as sustainability of good data mobile platform, both internally and externally among system partners across all of STIR's geographies
  • Lead on evaluation of impact acceleration through good data platform
  • Provide reports and updates for reporting back to STIR board, funders and other stakeholders
Skills & Experience Required for the Role:
  • Minimum 3 years of experience of in product management and/or business analyst role, or equivalent experience working on technology for social impact
  • Solid understanding of technology tools in social space
  • Experience working with technology partners/vendors and use of technology (preferably in non-profit sector/developing countries with government systems)
  • Experience in needs assessment and mapping out processes to gather and share data. Possess an ability to understand people's needs and ways of working 'on the ground' and help to develop technology that will be effective in diverse contexts
  • Strategic thinking ability to connect the Good Data technology with larger evaluation and program work.
  • Ability to 'keep it simple' in terms of how technology can be used to gather and present data. A clear ability to keep the goal of using technology in mind, rather than fixating on the technology itself.
  • Data analysis and interpretation skills
Personal Qualities Required for the Role:
  • A good team player with ability to collaborate across teams at STIR, as well as with external partners
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)
  • Good listener with ability to receive and incorporate feedback from stakeholders and platform users.
  • Able to deliver on time and keep momentum for a project that will involve multiple stakeholders' requirements.
  • Able to deal with a certain amount of ambiguity, and leading through it
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Open minded and able to see the core process objectives
Application process:
*STIR Education is an equal opportunity employer. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, colour, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, economic status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.
A concise cover letter explaining your fit for the role and how you envision you would lead on developing the good data platform. Please clearly outline what you think your key focus areas will be in first 6 months in the role to realize the successful launch of the good-data pivot.