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null Meet our author - Dicky Sofjan, Indonesia

Dr Dicky Sofjan, authorDr Dicky Sofjan is a core doctoral faculty member of the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS), located at the Graduate School of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is also a member of our Indonesia Regional Programme team. Dr Sofjan teaches Religion and the Politics of Multiculturalism at PhD level at ICRS Yogya, which has a specialised doctoral programme in inter-religious studies.
 Dr Sofjan has studied political science and international relations with a focus on Muslim societies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, notably Iran. In 2016 Dr Sofjan was inducted as a "Pacific Fellow" on Asian Dialogues by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.(link)
Our author believes that there is a clear and direct correlation between religion or religious studies and ethics. "Ethics certainly holds a special place when religion is discussed in any given context. So, yes, I am highly interested in all the multifaceted complexity that ethics brings to any discussion pertaining to religion and society", he states.
The following two volumes written by Dr Sofjan are published by Globethics Publications:
His book series ‘Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia ' deals with religion and its interface with state and society in Southeast Asia. 
The first volume ‘Managing Religious Diversity' published by Globethics Publications in the Focus series in 2016 examines the multidimensional facets of politics, public policies and social change in relation to contemporary forms of religions, religious communities, thinking, praxis and ethos.  All of the analyses in this book series are set within the context of a rapidly changing society in Southeast Asia.
Dr Sofjan adores teaching and particularly likes to engage his PhD students in the way they develop their research ideas. His research interests cover Islam and politics, religious diversity and multiculturalism, Shi'ism and Islamic mysticism. Lately, he has also begun research on the relationship between sustainability and spirituality.
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