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null Meeting on Global Challenges at the International University in Moscow, Russia

On 20 April 2017 a plenary meeting on the theme 'Global challenges of the 21st Century: Russia's answer' took place at the International University in Moscow. The principal speaker at the meeting was Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Christoph Stückelberger, Professor of Ethics at MEPhI, in China, Nigeria and Swizterland, Founder and President of and Executive Director of the Geneva Agape Foundation.
Prof. Stückelberger gave a speech on  'Global Challenges: ethical, values-driven solutions during the meeting, focusing on the role of global challenges as a subject of vital importance today. He emphasized five challenges and five ethical solutions, among which:

Global Risks Likelihood

1. Global Self-Centeredness/ Corruption

Value: Integrity as the Virtue of Virtues

2. Climate Change

Value: Climate Justice: Ethical Principles

3. From Globalisation to Re-polarisation

Value: Value: Global Solidarity

4. Crisis of Trust in Financial Markets

Value: People-Centred: Economy should serve people

5. Terrorism and its ideologies

Value: Dignity and Respect 

During the meeting Prof. Stückelberger touched upon another essential subject, namely shared values; "Intensified dialogue on globally shared values and on respect for contextual values is needed more than ever" he said."The Foundation as a global values platform offers this dialogue on a bilateral and global level".
The public welcomed Prof. Stückelberger with great acclaim and showed a considerable interest in the subjects raised.