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null New Collection: Research Ethics Professional

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Research Ethics Professional is a sub-collection on research ethics focusing on  professional ethics, on work ethics in the research profession, namely on the specific responsibilities common among researchers who do the research, including the whole environment and other stakeholders.
The main ethical normative aspects of research are presented in a systematic way as building blocks from a unifying principle, a limited set of virtues and a wide range of responsibilities as self-oriented or others-oriented duties. The collection as a systematic whole is highlighting a holistic approach on the ethics of duties in the research profession, from various points of views, constituting a comprehensive totality of all main aspects of this activity, based on The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, published recently by All European Academies (ALLEA). This collection borrows from ALLEA's expertise and results, it shows in short how to deal with failures to use good practice, which jeopardize by irresponsible behaviour the important harmony between the aim of increasing knowledge and remaining true to self-knowledge, proper to ethical life. 
Collection Overview
EF0    Reference works
EF1    Main ethical normative aspects of research
EF2    Research environment: stakeholders
EF3    Training, supervision and mentoring
EF4    Research procedures
EF5    Safeguards
EF6    Data practices and management
EF7    Collaborative working
EF8    Publication and dissemination
EF9    Reviewing, evaluating and editing
EF10  Geographical areas