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null New Partnership with Brazilian Ethics Institute

A new partnership has been establish between and the Instituto da Faculdades EST in São Leopoldo, Brazil that came into effect 1 July 2017.

The cooperation has been agreed to promote ethics and in particular ethics in education, to develop joint projects and to exchange resources building upon the respective capacities and competencies of the partners.

Faculdades EST logoThe Instituto de Ética da Faculdades EST, which was inaugurated in 2014, provides courses on ethics, human rights, law and religion, religion and theology in the public sphere and economic justice. It provides space and support for visiting professors and post-doctoral research. Faculdades EST has as its mission the promotion of teaching, research, outreach and academic excellence, thereby contributing to building the capacity of ethical professionals and institutions who seek to promote, through their professional performance, human dignity and solidarity. It is constituted as an educational center for higher learning and research which promotes the transversality of the sciences and human dignity with a broad and constructive social perspective. Faculdades EST is tied to the Red Sinodal (Synodal Education Network) and is identified with the IECLB (Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil). It is guided by interecclesial, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue and cooperates, within its scope, with other institutions of higher education as well as with the churches, governments agencies and civil society nationally and internationally.