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null Newsletter No 3/2022 - Wars are not ethical and we call for an end to violence and a return to dialogue

Author: Obiora Ike

Pope Francis rightly spoke the words on many of our lips on 26th March 2022 when he said: “This war is shameful for all of us, for all of humanity, as it is unacceptable; praying that it will end as soon as possible for each additional day adds more death and destruction”.

The trauma of destruction, bombs raining over children’s heads, increasing numbers of refugees, wounded and displaced persons and properties in the billions all destroyed by sophisticated weapons made by developed scientific nations remain a great disaster and shame for human beings in the 21st century.

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feminist protest sign
A day of love, power and action: International Women's Day 2022

Author: Josephine Hough

For 8 March, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and fight for women’s equality, the team shared their thoughts, words and actions on what International Women's Day means to them.

In the Spotlight: María Eugenia Barroso

Author: Josephine Hough South America Regional Programme Executive
Eugenia nos cuenta todo sobre su experiencia en cooperación internacional, los desafíos y oportunidades que enfrenta su región, y la importancia de desarrollar relaciones de confianza en su función.

Eugenia Barroso
Being Human and Remembering: A Comparative Impulse between Hebrew Bible and Indian Thinking

Rev. Jebin Thankaraj

New Wine in Old Wineskins? Torn between Tech Trust and War Mistrust

Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger


blue table webinar: remembering panellists
"We must interrogate our collective memory": Blue Table Webinar on Remembering

The first Blue Table Webinar of 2022 opened the discussion on ‘What it means to be human?’ by looking at the importance of Remembering.

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Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

Starts 11 April 2022

Interreligious Cooperation for Peace - Ethical Studies

Starts 11 April 2022

Cómo incluir la ética en la formación universitaria

Starts 18 April 2022



Library Tip

How to see Statistics in the Library

Featured Book Chapter

AI in Student Recruitment and Selection

Divya Singh & Ayani Singh

book of the month

Book of the Month

Responsible Innovation

Katharina Jarmai (Editor)


AI Ethics and Higher Education
AI Ethics and Higher Education

Erin Green, Divya Singh & Roland Chia (Eds.)

My Cross - My Life
My Cross - My Life

Christoph Stückelberger

La radicalité de Jésus dans l’appel des disciples
La radicalité de Jésus dans l’appel des disciples

Vincent Muderhwa Barhatulirwa


blue table:thinking
Blue Table Webinar: Thinking

We think, therefore we are? Join a conversation on how the definition of human existence can be expanded, with experiences and rationales from diverse societal and religious contexts.
When13 April 2022, 15:00-16:00 CEST
Where Online
What Webinar


W4W group photo
12th Anniversary of the Human Right to Water: What has been achieved?

This week the Workshop for Water Ethics (W4W) held the latest in a series of interdisciplinary colloquia on water ethics. Publications Assistant Jakob Bühlmann Quero shares his learnings from the event.

Creating an ethical education ecosystem: Academy Information Session 2022

On Tuesday 22 February 2022, the Academy team set the tone for what will be an enriching season of learning with an Information Session presenting’s Ethical Education Ecosystem.

49th Session of the Human Rights Council: co-sponsors an oral statement on Human Rights Education and Learning

The statement represented a call to focus on Human Rights Education and meaningful engagement with young people as the “leaders and key partners in designing and conducting human rights education” efforts.

We're hiring! is looking for a new Executive Director

After six years of commitment to the integration of ethics in higher education with, our Executive Director Dr. Obiora Ike will retire at the end of 2022. We are there looking for an experienced person with ethical integrity and a profound commitment to global ethics to fill the position of Executive Director.