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null Publication, expert report, corporate transparency and research in Russia Russia (GE-RU) has been working on a number of projects in partnership with the Institute for Economic Strategies (NP INES) and the National Center for Science and Technology Information (NTNTI Ltd) including the following:

1.    Publication in Russian of ‘Applied Global Ethics: Economics, Innovations, Development, the World', a collection of articles by Christoph Stückelberger 

The collection comprises 12 chapters written by the Founder and President of, Christoph Stückelberger, drawn from the first four volumes of the Readers Series No. 1-4 (2016). Topics addressed in the collection include economic ethics, investment ethics; climate justice, values and global development; dialogue ethics, conflicts of interest, values-based innovation and research ethics. The volume is available online at

Прикладная глобальная этика: Экономика. Инновации. Развитие. Мир (2017)
Кристоф Штукельбергер (Christoph Stückelberger)
ISBN 978-2-88931-174-3

Фонд — это глобальная сеть, уделяющая особое внимание вопросам этики, ценностям и взаимопониманию и содействующая распространению ценностно ориентированного подхода во всех сферах жизни общества. Фонд публикует собственные исследования в таких сферах, как образовательная этика, этика государственной службы, экономическая этика и межрелигиозная этика, и поддерживает международные исследовательские проекты. стремится к расширению сотрудничества с партнерами на всех континентах.

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2. Publication of updated Analytics Expert Discussion Club Report

A new edition of the first annual report of the Analytics Expert Discussion Club, first published in 2015, was brought out in January 2017. The new edition provides an update of the geopolitical context, a reflection on the new trends emerging at the end of 2016 and recommendations on the main areas of action for the analytical community in 2017. The report notes that, "moral, ethical, and spiritual concepts become the backbone of the State only when all the elements of society – all of its subjects and objects – reflect the essence of these concepts in their activities. Therefore, State paternalism is required in the revival of morals, morality and of spirituality inherent in Russia, because otherwise it is impossible to mitigate the adverse effects of market regulators. The rich cultural heritage of Russia has such a powerful potential as it allows for an immediate revival of morals, morality and spirituality".

3. Presentation of research results on ‘Corporate transparency of the largest Russian companies 2016'

The results of research carried out on ‘Corporate transparency of the largest Russian companies 2016' were presented to the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation at the end of the year. The survey has been carried out every year since 2013 by the Russian Regional Network on Integrated Reporting (RRN) in partnership with the Group of companies ‘Yes-Strategy', the RAS Institute for Economic Strategies, Downstream Technologies and the ‘Nexia Pacioli' Group of companies. In 2016, 855 companies were examined. The presentation of the results at a meeting of the RRN was opened with news from the International Council for Integrated Reporting (IIRC). Igor Sidelnikov, ‘Yes-Strategy' Project Manager, informed participants of the International Council's new initiatives and gave his overview of the corporate reporting situation in the world at the end of 2016. Ivan Barsola, senior manager of the KPMG Group on services in the field of corporate governance and sustainable development told participants about the IIRC conference in London in December 2016.

Results of the 2015 study in English and Russian.

4. Research project on competencies of young innovative leaders in EAEU

Research work aimed at providing a ‘Model of Competencies of Innovative Leaders in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)' has been completed. The research work (SRW) drew from around 50 sources and resulted in outputs that can be applied in the preparation of an online educational methodology, the ‘EAEU Innovative Leader'. The summary of the research findings is available in Russian on the website

Young Innovative Leaders in the Eurasian Economic Union