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null Reaching Romanian youth

Group of young Romania people
Photo: EduBiz is pleased to announce the appointment of Teodora Chifor as National Contact for Romania as of April 2019.
Teodora Chifor is specialised in talent and people development, research, project management, microfinance and business development in Europe.  
For the past 11 years, Teodora has been working with different Microfinance Institutions in Europe and Romania where she was mainly responsible for developing entrepreneurial skills and competencies of entrepreneurs, for creating new market niches, new products, portfolio development of financial products.
Teodora has been developing business development programs, offering BDS, entrepreneurial and financial education programs to small entrepreneurs in Europe and Romania. 
Since 2013 Teodora has been working with young talents in Romania. In 2016, she founded EduBiz, a dynamic and innovative NGO, with over 500 young members, focused on talent development for the young generation.
As National Contact, Teodora will organise events and learning activities to promote ethics in higher education among her network and open for all Romanian participants. 
Contact details Office:
EduBiz Association
Micu Klein, no. 3, ap 1 Oradea 410210 Bihor, Romania