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null Reformation Day Celebration and Seminar on 31 October

"Let Young Luthers spring up world over for total transformation  of Universal Church" by Edwin Jayakumar, the Bishop of Tranquabar,  Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church.      
A Grand Celebration and Seminar for the Reformation Day was organised by India, at Coimbatore, India on the 31 October 2017. Eighty two leaders from all over the state of Tamil Nadu attended the Seminar. The topic was "Life in all its fullness". The opening devotion was led by Rev. Jayaseelan.  
Speaking on the subject Bishop Edwin said it is good that we glory the work of Martin Luther who challenged the Church of its basic understanding and theology 500 years ago. Martin Luther's challenges created the Protestant Churches and the Churches grew all over the world.   Now the situation has changed a lot over the past five centuries.  Externally the church has grown but internally the understanding of basic ethics and theology has eroded the life of the Church.  Therefore the re –reformation is required within and a Transformation Ideology for the fullness of Life.
The Rev. Fr. Dr. Selveraj Arulnathan Sj,. the Director of Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, speaking on the main theme said that  reformation is a continuous process,  it should never be just an inward looking  exercise of the Churches' problems and issues. The hierarchical structure in the Churches, the lack of inclusive theology and the caste factors in Indian Churches are challenges before us today.  We must address all these factors as a part of New Reformation.
Rev. Dr. Vincent Manorharan, National Dalit Christian Watch, New Delhi in his key note address said that the Churches are still not opened to the issues of the Society at large.  Dr. Vincent is basically a Social Activist and a Lutheran Pastor. "The Fullness of life is possible only when the Church opens itself up to the problems of the Society.  Dr. Vincent is also a Lawyer and a fighter for the rights of the Dalits in India.  He felt that any reformation thinking and theology would be complete if only Dalits are given the right place in the Church.
Rev. Philip Mulley a veteran Church leader and senior Pastor of CSI, Bishop Sadhu Daniel of Apostolic Church, Rev. Fredric of Methodist Church, Rev. Chandra Mohan from, Nagpur, Sister Alphonse of Catholic Church and several others spoke on the subject.
Dr. Richard Devadoss of Alternate Front for Dalit Christian Liberation (AFDCL) and Ms. Rajula Julian of Globethics,net India, Bangalore spoke in the concluding session on the subject "way forward" how to take the decisions of the seminars and the follow up. 
The programme was attended by 82 participants representing the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, CSI Church, Apostolic Church, Adventists, Salvation Army and also a number of Social Activists and Dalit Activists.  It was a unique mixed group.  
Rev. Belly in conclusion said that it is a new perspective for a practical way to go beyond Reformation towards a greater "Transformation" . Rev Jacob Belly, the Associate Director of GE India offered vote of thanks to all.