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null Reimagining Higher Education Ranking through Ethics and Sustainability


What if global ranking tables would not only serve the purpose of sparking competition among higher education institutions on who is ‘the best’, but who serves best the needs of nurturing ethical leaders for a sustainable future?

Challenging the bias of global ranking

This question is relevant for an increasing number of universities around the globe, especially in the majority world. They are interrogating the current global ranking systems in their predominant focus on outputs generated by resource and research-intensive institutions, which results in ranking tables in which these, mostly Western universities take the lead and foster an image according to which the quality of higher education, reflected in high ranking positions, is seemingly tied to the financial resources of few institutions in the Global North.

Global ranking revisited: A values-driven quality higher education for societal impact lays with its values-driven ranking tables the foundation for a new and empirically grounded perspective on ranking, which it endeavours to further develop. The analysis of more than 15,000 responses collected from diverse institutions worldwide through two meticulously designed key stakeholder survey instruments provides institutions and the broader public with data around key competencies presented in the four ranking tables. Each of the tables includes detailed and differentiated sub-themes, such as the student learning experience, sustainability and integrity and responsible leadership. Beyond the mere figures, University Ranking (GUR) aspires to offer an informed framework of understanding quality education in the perspective of societal impact and of providing all institutions with opportunities to gain high-ranking positions regardless of their resources or geographical location.

Learn more about the University Ranking (GUR) and watch the Launch Event recording from Wednesday, 16 November 2022.