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null Round Table Event, Together for Centuries

The International Institute named after Piritim Sorokin and Nikolay Kondratiev, jointly with the Institute of Economic Strategies, basic partner of Fund in Russia, is holding a round table event on the issues of international and intercultural communication of the Eurasian people. The event is titled ‘Together for centuries' (academic direction) and will take place on 30th January. Address: Moscow, Sretensky Boulevard, 6/1, building 1, office 4.

The event is held within the framework of the project ‘Actualization of heritage of the Russian integration of peoples and cultures in the format of the modern Russia's "soft power" in the Eurasian space' which is being implemented with the help of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Representatives of embassies, compatriots and diasporas of national cultural autonomies, representatives of the scientific community and non-profit organizations working in the field of intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy, representatives of federal and regional authorities, youth organizations, media, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, public figures, diplomats, cultural figures, students and graduate students of Eurasian universities are invited to participate in the round table.

The purpose of the round table is to understand the government and people's contribution to the creation of friendly relations in the Eurasian space; to increase citizens' interest in common history and history of EEU countries, EU, to broadcast the best integration practices, to hold interdisciplinary discussions on pressing problems to the Eurasian integration, addressing ethics in intercultural interaction. Our intentions are to support the international accord of the Eurasian people, to create a dialogue and open new opportunities through the mutual enrichment of self-valuable cultures, to increase citizens' interest in the common history and history of the member states of the EEU, EU; to counteract to attempts to falsify historical events.

The event details can be found below:

Event Title: ‘Together for centuries'
Event Date:  30th January 2018
Address: Moscow, Sretensky Boulevard, 6/1, building 1, office 4.
Contact: Ms Olga Ermilina,