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null Save Water Resources - water consultation in India

Ladakh, India dessert
'Do not rob the life of next generation', said Mr Nallasamy, the President of the Indian Farmers Association, addressing the Consultation on Water Ethics organised by
On 6 November 2019, a group of 25 academics, farmer leaders, trade union leaders, social activists and women activists came together in Coimbatore for a one-day consultation titled 'Save the water resources' at TRENDS Centre Coimbatore, India. This event was part of an international effort led by on highlighting the role of ethics in water management.
The Consultation was presided over by Mr Ram Mohan, the General Secretary of the Trade Union HMKP. The main speaker Mr Nallasamy, President of the Farmers Association, lawyer, Tamil scholar and political leader, who has lead hundreds of farmers' movements, focussed his speech on the depletion of water resources caused by the unmindful exploitation of nature. 'We are in deep crisis' said the speaker before stating how irresponsible humans are towards this crises. 'We are waging an unmindful war against nature. In the name of development, we have robed the life of future generations. People are suffering from lack of drinking water; a cattle are dying and farmers fighting to save crops. We know this generation is suffering, but future generation will die for the need of water.'
Following the main speaker, the participants contributed their ideas on how to address the water crisis and also on the various means of saving water resources in the country.
Rev. Belly, India Director, called for a bright, consistent and planned effort by society to deal with the issue of water. He communicated position protecting water which its accessibility is essential to the development of societies.  The event was an opportunity to promote Publications on this topic: 'Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines', a text written by an international group of experts and approved by Board of Foundation, and 'Blue Ethic: Ethical Perspectives on Sustainable, Fair Water Resources Use and Management'.  Both publications were presented in Geneva in October 2019. While currently only available in English, both books will be translated in different languages, including Tamil, to reach to a broader audience.
Following this event, four more are planned for the first half of 2020, which hope build awareness in a high-level conferences in April 2020 in Ootacamund Nilgiris. Participants will also mark Human Rights Day on 10 December as Water Ethics Day in Coimbatore.