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null SDGs and Green Entrepreneurship Training: Theories and Methods Roundtable Discussion in China

On 9 June 2017 the "SDGs and Green Entrepreneurship Training: Theories and Methods" Roundtable Discussion was held at UIBER Cafe, Beijing, China. Organized by the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) Green Entrepreneurship Center, the UiO Center for Development and the Center for Environmental Education and Communications, the meeting was attended by numerous representatives from government ministries, universities and institutions.

First, Professor Liu Baocheng, the host of the conference, warmly welcomed all the guests.
Professor Dan Banik of the UiO Center for Development gave a presentation on "Sustainable Development Goals and Green Entrepreneurship Training". He believes that China and Chinese entrepreneurs play a crucial role in promoting and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, entrepreneurs are showing an unprecedented level of interest in the SDGs, along with an acute awareness of establishing social ventures for the betterment of society. They realise that sustainable investments and start-ups not only bring profit to businesses, but they can also help solve social and environmental issues. To further promote green development, Professor Banik advised all sectors to seek "globalization", raise public awareness, strengthen capacity building, and form long-term cooperation networks.

Director Jia Feng of the Center for Environmental Education and Communications, presented an overview of the BELL Project and shared his experiences working in the green education field. Director Jia believes that government policies, technological innovation, public awareness and the vision of entrepreneurs all play a critical role in helping China progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor Hou Shengtian's topic was "Innovation of Entrepreneurship Course based on the Action Learning Concept". In a nutshell, "action learning" or "learning while acting" is comparable to green entrepreneurship integrating concepts in the SDGs into the process of starting-up businesses. In addition, the two major areas that green entrepreneurship training should focus on include how start-ups can survive and develop in the bigger market. More specifically, lectures should cover how to utilize the concepts in the SDGs to discover market opportunity, form teams, construct business models, etc. Furthermore, Professor Hou shared his teaching experiences with the participants, urging green entrepreneur trainers to pass on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to their students.

After the presentations, Professor Liu Baocheng moderated the "SDGs and Green Entrepreneurship Training: Theories and Methods" Roundtable Discussion. Alongside the experts listed above, Deputy Director Jun Shen of the China Youth Development Service Center, Boniface Dulani of the University of Malawi Department of Political and Administrative Studies, Director Shuyue Wang of UIBE's Department of International Cooperation School of Continuing Education, Director Xiaoshu Liu of the International Green Economy Association International Cooperation Center, President Bin Yin of United Innovation, General Manager Liang Xinyue of the Garage Café, Jian Liu of UIBER Innovation, and Dan Wang of Renmin University Christianity and China Research Center also joined the discussion.

The panelists agreed that green entrepreneurship education should focus on social values and ethics, along with helping entrepreneurs to broaden their horizon, enhance their ability, and contribute to society.