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null Second encountering families of different faiths: engender and encourage family ethics

This project intended to meet families of different faith traditions and to discern the importance of family in inculcating values ​​for life. 
The second gathering for 95 youths to discuss about the value formation was organized on the 16th September 2017. The program began by invoking God's blessings through a prayer song which was followed by Fr. Anto Basil welcoming the young students who actively participated in the program . Also, Fr. Anto Basil introduced the India team members an introduced the program for the day. Ms. Rajula. V., Program Executive of India gave an orientation about
Visuals play a major role in showing reality and communication becomes more effective if technology is used. Clips showing various values ​​of life, such as Care for Earth, Respect to Elders, Respect to Social Media and Respect to the opposite sex, were screened with the instruction that they will be divided into four groups, and will be discussing those values ​​in their respective groups. Each group had two animators to make the students' participation more meaningful and valuable. 
In the group discussion students came up with new thoughts and new reflections on the particular values ​​assigned. Each group had a representative who expressed the group's feelings and opinions to the others. It was amazing - the young people are very good observers and they came out with outstanding ideas and information. Then they were engaged in debate within the group itself. Each group was subdivided in to two who spoke for and against the given topic. The young minds of today are not far from knowing the reality was a good learning tool for all. The issues and concerns pertaining to the given topic were also enacted through to me in which the damage was caused by one particular person in different places in a day was shown. The thought provoking exercise was to help the students consider 'what if everyone behaved that way?' 
Finally, Fr. Anto Basil thanked the students for their active participation and contribution and also the team for playing active role during the program.