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null Seminar at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI at Russia

Seminar at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

On 21 April 2017 a seminar for the students of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI was conducted by Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Christoph Stückelberger, who is a Professor of Ethics at MEPhI.
The topic of the seminar was: "Tools for Sustainability Ethics Negotiations, with Case studies". The questions that were considered in the course of the seminar are outlined below.
Climate Negotiations. Case
Negotiations/Dialogue Ethics
Compromise Ethics
Conflicts of Interests Ethics
Ethical and Unethical Negotiations
Price and Gain of Ethics
During the seminar Prof. Stückelberger emphasised the importance of climate justice, stating that climate change becomes a question of global climate justice; climate justice means just and fair instruments, decisions, actions, burden sharing and accountability for the prevention, adaptation and reparation related to climate change.
Meanwhile, it should be noted that a basic ethical question today is how to invest and distribute limited resources for the triple duty of prevention, adaptation and reparation related to climate change in order to minimize the number of victims.
The seminar also focused its deliberation on the question of negotiations (ethical and unethical), covering such essential subjects as: Dialogue Ethics, Compromise Ethics and Conflicts of Interests Ethics.
At the beginning of the seminar the students were lucky to participate in the game called "Climate Negotiations", which involved being divided into groups, in which each of the students received a certain role with a certain idea to be protected. The core idea of the game was not to reach an agreement between the group members but to see in practice to what degree dialogue is important and what kind of dialogue it can be: explorative, learning, testimonial, revealing, dialectic, and confrontational or any other ones. 
At the end of the event the students expressed their deepest appreciation to the Professor for holding such an interesting and inspiring seminar and for gaining new experience.