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null Spring Board Meeting, 20-21 April 2018

Mr Pavan Duggal, an advocate and globally recognised cyberlaw specialist from India, was elected as a new member of the Board of Foundation at its spring meeting, which took place from 20-21 April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr Duggal, who is due to start his term on 1 May 2018, will be a keynote speaker at the International Conference on ‘Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education: Policies, Skills and Resources' at the Château de Bossey, Switzerland from 4-6 June 2018.

Spring Board Meeting, 20-21 April 2018

Members of the international Board of Foundation came from China, Indonesia, the USA and Switzerland and called in from Thailand and Nigeria to take part in the meeting. Joan Dubinsky, gave the opening reflection on the topic ‘Ethical Custom and Social Purpose' on the evolution of business ethics during the last few decades. 
The Board approved the 2017 audited accounts and Annual Report. The Annual Report 2017, which includes the 2017 financial statements, will be made available on our website at
Time was dedicated during the meeting to developments and plans for implementing the focus on ethics in higher education. Board members were each presented with a copy of one of the latest publications on the topic, ‘Ethics in Higher Education: Foundation for Sustainable Development'. New plans for the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism, GlobeTheoLib, and in particular the option to offer members of the current GlobeTheoLib Consortium to become members of the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education.
The next meeting of the Board will take place in Nigeria from 19-20 October 2018 and will be preceded by a public conference on 18 October 2018.