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null Thinking Ethics and Building Values-driven Knowledge Alliances: The Academy holds the second Global Pool of Ethics Roundtable


The Academy team convened the second virtual roundtable of the Global Pool of Experts on 20 May 2022. The pool of experts represents a fine and diverse group of 34 specialists of various disciplines from 20 countries. The gathering endeavoured to inform members of the latest developments and upcoming events of the organization, as well as to invite the members to take on active roles in’s programmatic offerings.

For us at, the involvement of the Pool of Experts members is an intentional choice. We wish to ensure that our international presence is visible and foster international collaboration opportunities among the members and their institutions. Furthermore, it is important that our organisational growth is supported by leveraging the plethora of insights from other actors in the higher education sector.

This second roundtable addressed in particular the opportunities the members of the Pool of Experts are afforded in participating in new course development initiatives such as the upcoming short-term live programmes (World Classes and Micro Classes), the quality assurance of the course delivery, as well as publication projects.

The newly appointed member Ignace Haaz, who serves as Publications Manager, highlighted the positive impact of the Pool of Experts in contributing to Publications, and invited his fellow members to respond to the latest call for contributions on a co-edited book project on ethics and overcoming odious passions.

The members also exchanged on trends in their respective contexts and institutions, and agreed on the observation that cultivating spaces of thinking ethics across disciplines, cultures and languages is a crucial task in times of increasing polarisation worldwide. Appreciating diversity and building bridges to overcome ethnic, religious, political, social and economic divides has become for many a vital educational responsibility, but also a lifelong commitment, which unites all Pool of Experts members. values the participation of the Pool of Experts members in the pursuit of its ethics in higher education mission and believes strongly that the contributions from this values-driven knowledge alliance will make a difference for the organisation’s future and for all those aspiring to more peaceful and just societies.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean