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null Training on Ethics and Mediation for DR Congo Elections

Ethics and Mediation in Electoral Conflicts in DR Congo

Elections (before, during and after) are often periods of severe political, economic and social unrest that generate prime conditions violent conflicts. In an increasingly polarised world, national elections are also more and more polarized. The USA, Germany and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are only three cases in point.

The School for Electoral Formation in Central Africa (EFEAC, Ecole de Formation Electorale en Afrique Centrale), based in Kinshasa/DRC, offered for the first time a Master's programme for Election Experts. President, Professor Christoph Stückelberger, was invited to deliver a week-long lecture series on Ethics and Mediation in Electoral Conflicts during 8-15 January 2018.

The lecture series was attended by ninety professionals in DRC working in the National Independent Election Commission CENI, in judiciary, police, NGOs, media and academic research. It featured a combination of theoretical analysis, ethical orientation and many exercises on practical cases, all of which may serve to facilitate the national, provincial and local elections due to take place in DRC on 23 December 2018.

The materials used on the course (11 PowerPoint presentations) are available for free in French and the special collection on Ethics and Elections.

We invite readers to consider in their higher education lectures and seminars on Election ethics to use the special collection on Ethics and Elections with over 12'000 documents.