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null Turkey's First Certified Ethics and Compliance Managers congratulates TEID, partner and host institution of Turkey with the graduation of  25 Ethics and Compliance Managers in Turkey.
Ethics and Reputation Society TEİD, has left behind Turkey's first-ever Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program. This first session, which have started on November 5, 2016, took place in the premises of Istanbul Bilgi University's santral campus every Saturday for seven weeks. 
25 Participants from different industries and professional core have been graduated on February 18, 2017 after the presentation of their practicum (a case study or code of ethics/policy writing). 
During the program, the participants have learnt:
How to prepare a corporate integrity risks map?
What are the legal perspectives in cases of ethical misconduct?
How can an ethical corporate culture be created?
What does it mean to be an ethical leader?
How to prepare an ethics and compliance programme?
How to write a code of ethics? What are the elements that should be taken into consideration in the preparation of principles, policies and procedures?
How can workplace internal investigations be conducted?
What are white collar crimes?
What are conflicts of interest and how can they be prevented?
They used those skills to prepare their practicum in order to be certified as Ethics and Compliance Managers. 
The second session of the program starts on April 29, 2017 and will also take place in Istanbul Bilgi University's santral campus. 
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This is the picture of TEID graduate students

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