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null Two-day Training of Trainers: Programme on Ethics in Higher Education

In today's world, more and more attention is given to the role of higher education in building better and ethical future leaders. As such, the onus lies on all academic institutions to ensure that they provide not only a reliable research environment for post-graduate students but that it abides to the highest ethical standards.  
Recognizing that ethics and values-driven leadership can bring change and should be the foundation of any academic institution, the University of Nigeria (UNN) is committed to: 
- Strengthening the rating and ethical reputation of UNN by supporting efforts to integrate values-based decision in governance, management and daily practice of staff, management and board of educational institutions;
- Strengthening the professional ethical awareness and providing support to teachers to help them be adequately equipped to teach values;
- Supporting students with tools and resources to think and act according to values;
- Integrating ethical reflection and action in research, ensuring that research goals are beneficial to humanity;
- Raising the awareness of policy makers on the need to integrate values-based policies in education and in research. 
In this respect, and in partnership with, the University of Nigeria has decided to undertake a profound transformation of its post-graduate faculties and programmes with the aim at achieving global competitiveness.
To reach this objective, together with Academic Leaders at the University of Nigeria is organizing a two-day Training of Trainers for the University Top Management on 7 and 8 April 2017 so that they can train in turn 400 teachers and supervisors on the importance of Ethics and Quality in Research and Teaching at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka and Enugu. 
The objectives of the training will address the following:
- Mitigate reputational risk of University of Nigeria within the global academic context
- Ethical transformation of PG Faculties
- Quality of Research Findings & Publications
- Global Rating of UNN as a University
- Achieve global competitiveness
- Positive mentoring and prompt graduation of students
- Quality control standards for appointment of PG supervisors
- Improvement of number and quality of publications
The expected outcomes for this training aim at:
- Acquisition/updating of research Leadership skills
- Improved communication skills
- Appreciation and integration of Integrity issues related to publication ethics and productivity
- Team-spirit and improved collaborative skills at personal and group levels of research
- Improved personal life-skills for overall success in life endeavors
- Improved ethical teacher/student relationship
- Improved and faster logistics for transcript management/policy
Venue : University of Nigeria Nsukka and School of Post-Graduate Studies (SPGS), Nigeria
Dates : 7-14 April 2017 and University of Nigeria (UNN) will continue to collaborate after the training so as to ensure the successful implementation of this transformation programme of the School and Post Graduate Studies.