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null V Congreso de enseñanza de la ética y el II Congreso latinoamericano de éticas aplicadas: Éticas profesionales, igualdad y desarrollo

From October 4 to 6, 2017, the University of the Andes was the venue for the joint celebration of the V Congress of teaching ethics and the II Latin American Congress of applied ethics: "Professional ethics, equality and development" . The Network for Ethics and Citizenship and the Latin American Applied Ethics Network invited members of all disciplines to participate in this joint congress in which the various research works on applied ethics in Latin America were made known.
The conference was supported by in order to publish a series of master's theses that make up a volume on the teaching of ethics. 
The thematic axes of work were: 
Ethics of development and post-development, equality and society
  • What are the ethical challenges of development in the Latin American context?
  • What are the meeting points between professional ethics and development ethics?
  • What is the ethical role of the company in a society as unequal as Latin America?
  • What is the role of university education in teaching an ethical understanding of development?
Ethical and Civic Education
  • What are the university and school pedagogical challenges that ethical education implies?
  • How does citizen education converge with professional ethical education?
  • What should be the social scope of professional ethical training?
  • How can ethics education be integrated in all disciplines?
  • What is the role of education in colleges and universities in the construction of a more egalitarian society?
Professional ethics in the construction of an egalitarian society
  • What role does ethics play in solving the tension between professional interests and social equality?
  • What are the places for ethical training in the professions? Who has the responsibility to do it?
  • Should professional ethics have a role in reducing inequality? Which?
  • What are the specific challenges that Latin America presents for professional ethics?
  • Does being an ethical professional imply a concern for equality, justice and human development?