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null World Poetry Day and US Poetry Month: A Call for Poems

Happy World Poetry Day!


This is the poster on Global Ethics dedicated to from Francisco

This 21st March marks World Poetry Day, which provides us a prime opportunity to appreciate and support poets and poetry around the world and especially in the network.
It's a chance for you to use poetry to say things that can't be said in prose. There are no set rules for how to mark the occasion: you can read some poetry, you can perform it or you can write poetic ethical reflections to join our Ethical Poetry Month campaign.
Offical hashtag: #WorldPoetryDay


On Global Ethics

We are happy to share with you a poem "On Global Ethics" dedicated to by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist, cofounder of ABA Global Education in Recife, Brazil (the poster on the left).
Click to see the full-size poster.




   National Poetry Month 2017

This is the poster on International Poetry Day 2017

Similarly, April 2017 brings the annual US National Poetry Month, which is a 30 day celebration of poetry and creativity. As the author Andrea Grieder shows in her in anthropology research centred on the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 in "Collines des mille souvenirs (2016)", poetry is an important—in some cases essential—outlet for individuals to deal with reality that can lead to transformation, change and learning. 
To mark these two events, during the month of April will be sharing poetic ethical reflections from poets within our network—and we would like you to participate too.
If you are a poet with an interest in ethics we would like you to submit your poems on the theme of "global values" (i.e. values that transcend all nationalities and cultures) for possible publication.
Please note, that you must submit your poems before 16 April 2017. Before submitting your work, please read our guidelines.
Also, we are pleased to announce that we have just launched a new Research Project with the plan to publish a new book in the Global Series on the topic of Ethics and Reconciliation in Poetry and Writing for 2017-2018, O. Ike, A. Grieder, I. Haaz (Eds.). For more information, read the full call for papers.
Be sure to follow us on our social media channels: TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTubeFlickr on World Poetry Day day and throughout April.

Ethical poetry month 2017 is finished!

April 2017 marked the 21st annual US Poetry Month. As a way of encouraging reflection on ethics in a creative and engaging way, we encouraged our network of participants to write short poems on the topic of Ethics and Global Solidarity. If you haven't done so already, please read and share the fruits of this creative endeavour!