Strategy 2016-2020 plans the work ahead on the basis of four inter-related trategic levels:
  1. The Vision and Mission determine the fundamental goals of, and therefore its long-term strategy;
  2. On the basis of the Vision and the Mission develops a five year strategy;
  3. This strategy is the foundation for the annual work programmes; and
  4. Finally these work programmes are the basis for the individual staff work programme.

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Summary of the GE Strategy 2016-2020

The Foundation with its international Board, Head Office team, Regional Programmes, National Contacts, manifold partner organisations and individual participants

  • Is faithful to its Vision, Mission and Values
  • Remains committed to promote the value of values in all sectors of society
  • Focuses on four main target groups/sectors: academic, public, religious and business
  • Focuses on four main themes: educational ethics, public services ethics, economic ethics and inter-religious ethics
  • Focuses on four types of activities online library, online community, collaborative research and special programmes (to promote and implement concrete values-based action) 
  • Enlarges the library content in quantity and quality and makes it available on new devices
  • Strengthens and expands the network of registered participants and their interaction
  • Supports joint international research projects and expands its own Globethics Publications
  • Develops selected implementing projects especially with the Globethics Leadership Center and with the Global Ethics Forum 
  • Strives to be an effective, transparent non-profit foundation with a competent international Board
  • Expands and strengthens the network of Regional Programmes and National Contacts
  • Places a strong emphasis on cooperation with diverse partners from all continents, related to the four target groups and themes. 
  • The objectives are formulated in a way that expresses what aims to accomplish by 2020.
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