Ethics for Everyone Series

Ethics as a subject can be hard to approach. It is often perceived as obscure and encompassing an endless body of literature. The #EthicsForEveryone series directly counters this problem of accessibility and provides an insight to common questions about ethics and applied ethics that is applicable to real life.

What's the difference between morality and ethics?

In this video Dr Obiora Ike answers the philosophical question 'what's the difference between morality and ethics'.

Blue Table

Ethics matters. Ethics needs to be debated upon. More than ever before, ethical reflection and discernment are solicited. People around the world have become aware of the frailty of life and the need to search for common and values-based decisions regarding the way we want to live together today and in the future. 

Ethics and the Pandemic

How are we dealing with the pandemic? Which societal, political, educational and ecological dimensions do we need to take into account?