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African Christianity Collection

This collection has a focus on African Christianity and African theologies ; it includes the contributions published in:  PHIRI, Isabel Apawo ... [et al.]. Anthology of African Christianity. Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2016. ISBN 978-1-911372-10-3. Copyright: World Council of Churches, available below under the heading "Anthology".

Classification Tree: Overview

FD      African Christianity Collection
FD0    Anthology
FD1-Reference works
FD2-History of Christianity in Africa
FD3-African theologies
FD4-African Christianity by denominations
FD5-African Christianity and ecumenism
FD6-African Christianity by geographical areas
FD7-African Christianity and other religions
FD8-Issues and themes in African Christianity
FD9-Practical, Pastoral theology
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Classification Tree: Details

FD      African Christianity Collection

FD0    Anthology

1-Reference works
11-Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
     121-Resources for the study of African Christianity
14-Manuals, handbooks
15-Biographies (African theologians, Christian martyrs and witnesses, and Christian leaders)
16-History of research
     161-Recent research in African Christianity
17-Teaching materials, Curricula
19-Book reviews/Other

2-History of Christianity in Africa
   21-Early African Christianity
   22-African Christianity in pre-colonial times
   23-The Caribbean influence on African Christianity
   24-African Christianity in colonial times (incl. History of Christian missions in Africa)
   25-African Christianity in the Post-Independence Period   
   26-African Christianity in the 21st century
        261-Religious demography on African Christianity
        262-Future trends and perspectives for African Christianity

3-African theologies

(incl. General works on African Christianity, and/or specific Christian doctrines or doctrinal theology from an African perspective)

4-African Christianity by denominations
   41-Orthodox churches in Africa
       411-Eastern Orthodox churches in Africa
       412-Oriental Orthodox churches in Africa
   42-Roman Catholic Church in Africa
   43-Anglican churches in Africa
   44-Protestant churches in Africa
       441-Lutheran churches in Africa
       442-Reformed (Calvinistic) churches in Africa
       443 Moravian churches in Africa
   45-Presbyterian, Congregational churches in Africa
   46-Baptist, Anabaptist, Adventist churches in Africa
   47-Methodist churches in Africa
   48-African instituted (indigenous) churches
       481-Independent churches in Africa (African independent churches)
       482-Pentecostal, Neo-Pentecostal (Prosperity) churches
       483-Evangelical churches and movements
       484 Charismatic renewal movements within historic mission churches
       485 Aladura churches, White Garment churches in Africa
       486-Society of Friends, Quakers in Africa
       487-United churches in Africa
   49-Transdenominational, Inter-denominational churches
       491 Para-church mission networks and organizations in Africa (IFES)

5-African Christianity and Ecumenism
   51-History of African ecumenism
   52-The Orthodox churches and African ecumenism
   52 Regional and national ecumenical organizations
       521-All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)
       522-National Church Councils in African Christianity
       523-Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC)
       524-African student Christian movements and African ecumenism
   53-The Roman Catholic Church and African ecumenism
   54-Anglican churches and African ecumenism (was missing)
   55-Protestant churches and African ecumenism
   56-Evangelicals and African ecumenism
   57-Pentecostals and African ecumenism
   58 National, regional, and international ecumenical organizations
       581-All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)
       582-National Church Councils in African Christianity
       583-Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC)
       584-African student Christian movements and African ecumenism
       585-African churches and the World Council of Churches (WCC)
   59-African churches and their relations to churches worldwide
       591-African Christianity and partnership with European churches
       592-African Christianity and partnership with Asian churches
       593-African Christianity and partnership with North American churches
          5931-Christianity and Afro-American churches
       594-African Christianity and partnership with Latin-American churches
       595-African Christianity and partnership with the Middle Eastern churches (incl. Kairos process)
       596-African Christianity in partnership with Caribbean churches
       597-African Christianity and African diaspora churches (outside the continent, African Christianity in the West)

6 African Christianity by geographical areas

   61-African Christianity by regions
       611-Christianity in Northern Africa
       612-Christianity in West Africa
       613-Christianity in Eastern Africa
       614-Christianity in Central Africa
       615-Christianity in Southern Africa

   62-African Christianity by countries (scroll down menu)
7-African Christianity, Spirituality and other religions (Interreligious relations, dialogue)
   71-African Spirituality
   72-Christianity and traditional African religions
   73 Christianity and Islam in Africa

8-Issues and themes in African Christianity
   81- Bible and African Christianity
       811-Bible in African languages
       812-Interpretation of the Bible (Biblical hermeneutics, Biblical theology)
   82-Women in African Christianity
       821-Gender justice in African Christianity
       822-African church women organisations (YWCA, PAWEEN)
   83-Youth in African Christianity
       831-Sunday school movements in African Christianity
       832-African church men's organisations (YMCA)
   84-Mission, evangelism and development work of African churches
       841-Urban mission
       842-Rural mission
       843-Evangelism, evangelization
       845-Development work
   85-Moral theology, Christian ethics in African Christianity
       851-Sexual ethics (Human sexuality) in African Christianity
       852-Family ethics in African Christianity)
   86-African Christianity and social, medical, environmental ... etc. problems
       861-Church and civil society in African Christianity
       862-Church work with migrants, migration in African Christianity
       863-Racism in African Christianity
       864-Secularization and African Christianity
       865-Health and healing in African Christianity
       866-Public health and epidemics in African Christianity (HIV/AIDS, EHAIA)
       867-Environmental ethics, Ecotheology (Climate change, Food security) in African Christianity
       868-Public education (incl. Higher education) in African Christianity
   87    African Christianity and economics
       871-African churches and globalization
       872-Prosperity gospel in African Christianity
       873-Decent work and African Christianity
   88-African Christianity and politics, Public theology
       881-Public theology in African churches
       882-Church and state in African societies
       883-African churches and good governance in Africa (incl. Democracy movements, Governmental elections)
       884-African churches and human rights (incl. Religious liberty, Freedom of religion)
       885-African churches and peace building (Conflict resolution, Reconciliation)
       886-African churches and international organizations (incl. AU)
            8861-The AU Agenda 2063
       887-African churches and international development aid/cooperation

9-Practical, Pastoral theology
   91-Church government and administration (incl. Bishops conferences, Synods, Dioceses, Local church councils, Finances, Church assets ... etc.)
   92-Ordination and office of Bishops, Clergy, Deacons, Lay ministry ... etc.
        921 Pastoral counselling
        922 Spiritual healing, exorcisms    
    92-Religious education
    93-Theological education, Ministerial formation (incl. Church leadership formation
    94-Liturgics and worship in African Christianity
        942-Hymns, Church music
        944-Religious rites and sacraments
        945-Christian art
   95-African philosophy and Christianity

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