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The Catholic ethics collection focuses on moral theology and includes Catholic social teaching, and various applied ethical subjects: as medical ethics, sexual ethics. It opens a large scope on moral virtues and moral doctrines.

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CA Catholic Ethics Special Collection

CA1 Sacred Texts

CA2 Reference Works

CA3 Institutional Documents

CA4 Themes

CA5 Other


Classification tree


CA Catholic Ethics Special Collection 

CA1 Sacred Texts

CA11 The Holy Bible

CA2 Reference Works 

CA21 Encyclopedias

CA22 Dictionaries

CA23 Bibliographies

CA24 Introductions

CA25 Handbooks

CA26 Biographies

CA261 On Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis 

CA27 Theses

CA3 Institutional Documents

CA31 Catholic Church

CA311 Global level (169)

CA3111 Papal Documents (71)

CA31111 Encyclica

CA31112 Pastoral Letters (6)

CA31113 Papal Statements

CA3112 Congregatio de Doctrina Fei

CA3113 Pontifical Council for the Family

CA3114 Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (3)

CA3115 Pontifical Council for Social Communications (8)

CA3116 Pontificia Academia pro Vita (3)

CA3117 Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts (17)

CA3118 Other (9)

CA312 Continental level (74)

CA3121 Asia -Oceania (10)

CA3122 Africa (8)

CA3123 Europe (11)

CA3124 Latina America (45)

CA3125 North America (0)

CA313 Country level (302)

CA3131 Asia -Oceania (67)

CA3132 Africa (6)

CA3133 Europe (173)

CA3134 Latina America (6)

CA3135 North America (50)

CA314 Local level (6)

CA3141 University (5)

CA3142 Archdiocese (0)

CA3143 Other (0)

CA32 Catholic associations (15)

CA321 Catholic ethics associations (3)

CA322 Catholic professional organizations (2)

CA323Catholic development organizations (1)

CA324 Catholic missionary societies (3)

CA325 Catholic orders (6)

CA326 Catholic academies (3)

CA327 Other (0)

CA4 Themes (568)

CA41 Generalities (31)

CA42 Community Ethics (220)

CA421 General (14)

CA422 Lifestyle ethics (26)

CA423 Family ethics (131)

CA424 Gender ethics (10)

CA425 Education and ethics (53)

CA426 Ethnicity and ethics (2)

CA427 Minority ethics (26)

CA428 Other (3)

CA43 Life Ethics (166)

CA431 General (16)

CA432 Bioethics (70)

CA433 Sexual ethics (46)

CA434 Medical ethics (71)

CA435 Health ethics (45)

CA436Other (0)

CA44 Economic Ethics (72)

CA441 General (4)

CA442 Business ethics (8)

CA443 Ethics of economic systems (37)

CA444 Labour/professional ethics (26)

CA445 Technologies and ethics (3)

CA446 Trade and ethics (12)

CA447 Consumer ethics (6)

CA448 Other (0)

CA45 Political Ethics (158)

CA451 General (15)

CA452 Ethics of political systems (14)

CA453 Legal/rights ethics (52)

CA454 Peace ethics (39)

CA455 Governance and ethics (12)

CA456 Development ethics (24)

CA457 Other (15)

CA46 Environmental Ethics (29)

CA461 General (15)

CA462 Resources ethics (4)

CA463 Biodiversity ethics (6)

CA464 Animal ethics (1)

CA465 Ethics of global commons (3)

CA466 Other (0)

CA47 Cultural Ethics (59)

CA471 General (0)

CA472 Media/communication ethics (41)

CA473 Cultural/inter-cultural ethics (11)

CA474 Sports ethics (1)

CA475 Secularization and ethics (8)

CA476 Other (0)

CA48 Science and Ethics (33)

CA481 General (2)

CA482 Biomedical research (13)

CA483 Genetically modified organisms (10)

CA484 Biotechnologies (11)

CA485 Research on stem cells (11)

CA486 Scientific development (10)

CA487 Other (0)

CA49 Other themes (36)

CA491 Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (6)

CA492 Theology of Liberation (2)

CA493 Eglise vieille catholique (1)

CA494 Other (26)

CA5 Other (0)

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Homoseksualnost: Pravne tendencije i crkveni stav