Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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“一带一路”上的宗教 历史积淀与现实处境
上帝回归乎?——儒家上帝观的历史演变及对儒教复兴的启示 [Does God Return? The Historical Evolution of Confucian Concept of God and its Revelation for the Renaissance of Confucianism]
丝绸之路的宗教之魂 [The Soul of Religion in the Silk Road]
知识创新环境相关的历史检视:文艺复兴和宗教改革 [A Historical Review on the Social Conditions for Knowledge Innovation]
试论斯宾诺莎“概念论”与莱布尼兹“单子论” [On Spinoza's Idealism and Leibniz's Monads]
我们都是地球上的客人 对气候正义的全球基 督徒愿景 [We are all Guests on Earth A Global Christian Vision for Climate Justice]
试论宗教与哲学关系的历史演绎及宗教的哲学功能 [On the Historical Evolution of the Relation between Religion and Philosophy and the Philosophical Functions of Religion]
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