Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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Religions and Christianity in Today's China [Vol. 8, 2018, No. 4]
Historiography and Community Identity: Hong Kong Christians and the Recording of the 2014 Pro-Democracy Movement
A Partnership Model: Analysis on the Indigenization Process of Hong Kong Christian and Missionary Alliance
Stellungnahmen der Diözese Hongkong zu den Wahlen des Verwaltungschefs und zur Bewegung Occupy Central
从“斜路黄花”看香港华人及基督教与辛亥革命之关系 [The Role of Hong Kong Chinese Christians in the Revolution of 1911]
20世纪前耶稣会士在华编纂索引概述 [A Summary of Jesuits’ Index Compilation in China before 20th Century]
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