Church and Ecumenical Statements on Bioethics and Biotechnology

Collection Description

Church and Ecumenical Statements on Bioethics and Biotechnology

This collection gathers various statements and declarations from church and related organisations regarding bioethics and biotechnology, raising the issues subjected to controversy such as abortion, cloning, procreation, etc. and positions of churches on these issues. It includes a set of documents around bioethics and biotechnologies as well as institutional comparative and ethical thematic entry points in the field of bioethics, which the World Council of Churches contributed to gather.

Classification Tree: Overview

BG     Church and Ecumenical Statements on Bioethics and Biotechnology Collection
BG1   Institutional documents
           BG11    Orthodox churches
           BG12    The Roman Catholic Church
           BG13    Protestantism
           BG14    Regional Council of Churches
           BG15    National Council of Churches
           BG16    Joint Position Papers
           BG17    Bioethics Centres
           BG18    Other
BG2   Themes
           BG21    General
           BG22    Guiding principles of doctrine
           BG23    Scientific interventions (genetic manipulation etc)
           BG24    Life stages
           BG25    Economic and ecological aspects
           BG26    Other


Classification Tree: Details

BG    Church and Ecumenical Statements on Bioethics and Biotechnology Collection

BG1    Institutional documents
           BG11    Orthodox churches
                         BG111    Ecumenical Patriarchate
                                         BG1111    The Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops
                                                            in the Americas (SCOBA)

                                         BG1112    Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                         BG1113    Orthodox Church in America
                                         BG1114    Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
                                                            of North America

                                         BG1115    Ukrainian Orthodox Church
                         BG112    Patriarchate of Moscow
                         BG113    Patriarchate of Romania
                         BG114    Church of Cyprus
                         BG115    Church of Greece

           BG12    The Roman Catholic Church
                         BG121    The Holy See
                         BG122    Catholic Church in Great Britain and Ireland
                                          BG1221    Catholic Church in England & Wales
                         BG123    Conférence des évêques suisses (CES)
                         BG124    Conférence des Evêques catholiques de Canada
                         BG125    Conférence des Evêques Françaises
                         BG126    Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities
                         BG127    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
                                         BG1271    Abortion
                                         BG1272    Cloning
                                         BG1273    Emergency contraception
                                         BG1274    Family Planning
                                         BG1275    Stem Cell Research

            BG13    Protestantism
                         BG131    Chieza Evangelica Valdeze
                         BG132    Church of England
                         BG133    Church of Scotland
                         BG134    Federation Protestante de France
                         BG135    The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
                         BG136    Evangelische Frauenarbeit in Deutschland e. V. (EFD)
                         BG137    La Iglesia Evangélica Valdense del Río de la Plata
                         BG138    Lutheran Church of Australia
                         BG139    Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD)
                         BG1310  Churches in the USA
                                          BG13101    American Baptist Churches
                                          BG13102    Church of Brethren
                                          BG13103    Episcopal Church, USA
                                          BG13104    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
                                          BG13105    Moravian Church in America
                                          BG13106    Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society
         of Friends
                          BG1311   Presbyterian Church (USA)
                          BG1312   Reformed Church in America
                          BG1313   United Church of Christ
                          BG1314   United Methodist Church

            BG14    Regional Ecumenical Organisation
                          BG141    Conference of European Churches (CEC)

            BG15    National Council of Churches
                          BG151    National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA
                          BG152    The Canadian Council of Churches

            BG16    Joint Position Papers and Joint Declaration

            BG17    Bioethics Centres
                          BG171    Church of Greece
                          BG172    England and Wales

            BG18    Other
                          BG181    The General Council of the Assemblies of God

BG2    Themes
            BG21    General
                          BG211    Allocation of scarce medical resources
                          BG212    Child abuse
                          BG213    Eugenics
                          BG214    Extra-terrestrial beings
                          BG215    Family
                                           BG2151    Abuse in the family and society
                                           BG2152    Adoption
                                           BG2153    Parenting children into their faith
                                           BG2154    Parents and children
                                           BG2155    Single parent families
                          BG216    Freedoms
                                           BG2161    Freedom of research
                                           BG2162    Principle of autonomy
                          BG217    Genes and human behaviour
                          BG218    Human rights
                          BG219    Human states
                          BG2110  Illness
                                           BG21101    AIDS
                                           BG21102    Equal accesses to care
                                           BG21103    Health care
                                           BG21104    HIV
                                           BG21105    Patient rights
                         BG2111   Population
                                           BG21111    Treatment of an aging population
                         BG2112   Private choices (personal actions without scientific interventions)
                                           BG21121    Drug addiction
                         BG2113   Science and religion
                                           BG21131    Bioethics and medical issues
                                           BG21132    Donation of bodies to science
                                           BG21133    Harmonising science and religion
                                           BG21134    Natural sciences and modern technologies
                         BG2114   Social statements
                         BG2115   The role of medicine
                         BG2116   Utilitarianism
                         BG2117    Women's rights

            BG22    Dogmatic aspects
                         BG221    Apologetics and polemics
                         BG222    Creator and Creation
                                          BG2221    Imago dei
                                          BG2222    Respect for God's Creation
                                          BG2223    Respect for time
                         BG223    Creeds, confessions
                                          BG2231    Nicene Creed
                         BG224    Divine Unity (Trinity)
                         BG225    Ecclesiology
                                          BG2251    Worship
                         BG226    Eschatology
                         BG227    Holy Spirit
                         BG228    Jesus Christ
                         BG229    Public, political theology
                         BG2210  Partnerships
                                          BG22101    Marriage
                                                               BG221011    Divorce
                                                               BG221012    Mixed marriages
                                                               BG221013    Purpose of marriage
                                                               BG221014    Remarriage
                                                               BG221015    Widowhood
                                            BG22102    Blessings/Benediction

                         BG2211    Salvation/liberation
                         BG2212    The human being
                                            BG22121    Death
                                                                 BG221211    Cremation
                                            BG22122    Human Life
                                                                 BG221221    Identity and status of the human embryo
                                                                 BG221222    Procreation
                                                                 BG221223    Protection of life
                                                                 BG221224    Sanctity of human life
                                                                 BG221225    The right to life
                                                                 BG221226    Transmission of life
                                                                 BG221227    Value and Inviolability of human life
                                                                 BG221228    Theological anthropology /
                                                                                        concept of the human person

            BG23    Scientific interventions (genetic manipulation etc.)
                         BG231    Conscientious objection – health workers
                         BG232    Gene manipulation and splicing
                         BG233    Gene transfer
                         BG234    Genetic modification of crops
                                          BG2341    Application and consequences
                                          BG2342    Background
                                          BG2343    Science
                                          BG2344    UK regulatory framework
                         BG235    Genetically modified animals
                         BG236    Genetically modified organisms
                         BG237    Human experimentation
                         BG238    Mental health therapies and institutions
                         BG239    Patenting
                                          BG2391    EC patenting directive
                                          BG2392    Genes
                                          BG2393    Stem cells
                                          BG2394    Transgenic organisms
                         BG2310  Transsexuality

            BG24    Life stages
                         BG241    Beginning of life
                                          BG2411    Abortion
                                          BG2412    Assisted reproduction
                                                            BG24121    Artificial inovulation, insemination
                                                            BG24122    Designer babies
                                                            BG24123    Egg and sperm donation donation
                                                            BG24124    In vitro fertilisation
                                                            BG24125    Surrogate motherhood
                                         BG2413    Causes and consequences of infertility
                                         BG2414    Foetal therapy
                                         BG2415    Genetic interventions (including manipulation
                                                            and experimentation)

                                                            BG24151    Blast Cells
                                                            BG24152    Cloning
                                                                                 BG241521    For reproductive purposes
                                                                                 BG241522    Historical background of cloning
                                                                                 BG241523    Of plants
                                                                                 BG241524    Therapeutic cloning
                                                                                                        BG2415241     Cloning animals
                                                                                                        BG2415242     Of the whole embryo
                                                                                                        BG24152421   Techniques for cloning
                                                                                                                                    an embryo

                                                                                                        BG241524211 Nuclear transfer
                                                                                                        BG241524212  Parthenogenesis
                                                                                                        BG2415243      Technical explanations
                                                                                                        BG2415244      Use of genetic material
                                                                                                                                    of embryos

                                                                                                       BG2415245       Use of genetic material
                                                                                                                                    of man

                                         BG2416    Genetics
                                                            BG24161    Genetic counselling
                                                            BG24162    Genetic screening
                                                            BG24163    Genetic therapy
                                                            BG24164    Inheritable gene modification
                                                            BG24165    Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
                                                            BG24166    Somatic therapies
                                          BG2417    Mapping the human genome (the Human Genome Project)
                                          BG2418    Research on human embryos
                                          BG2419    Sexual acts (not orientation)
                                          BG24110  Sexuality (sexual orientation)
                                          BG24111  Stem cell research
                                                             BG241111    Biotechnological data on stem cells production
                                                                                     and use

                                                             BG241112    Ethical problems raised by the discovery
                                                                                    and application of stem cells

                                                             BG241113    Scientific data on stem cells
                          BG242    Prevention of life
                                           BG2421    Fertility / birth control
                                                              BG24211    Family planning (regulation of births)
                                                              BG24212    Morning after pill
                                           BG2422    Sterilisation
                          BG243    Duration/prolongation of life
                                           BG2431    Aging
                                           BG2432    Organ transplants
                                                              BG24321    From the dead (voluntary or otherwise)
                                                              BG24322    Heart transplants
                                                              BG24323    Monetary position and privilege
                                                              BG24324    Voluntary donation
                                           BG2433    Tissue transplantation
                                           BG2434    Xenotransplantation
                          BG244    End of life
                                          BG2441    Care of the terminally ill
                                                             BG24411    Palliative care
                                          BG2442    Death
                                                             BG24421    Brain death
                                                             BG24422    Euthanasia
                                                                                 BG244221    Advance directives
                                                                                 BG244222    Assisted suicide
                                                                                 BG244223    Legal history
                                                                                 BG244224    Right to refuse treatment
                                                                                 BG244225    The double effect
                                                             BG24423    Homicide
                                                             BG24424    Suicide
                          BG245    After death
                                          BG2451    Autopsy
                                          BG2452    Organ transplants

            BG25    Economic and ecological aspects
                          BG251   Ecological aspects
                                          BG2511    Ecological balance
                                          BG2512    Farming practices
                                          BG2513    Food security and sustainable development
                                          BG2514    Genetically engineered biological agents in warfare
                                          BG2515    Land-use planning
                                          BG2516    Logging in ancient growth forests
                                          BG2517    Natural disasters
                                          BG2518    Nuclear and toxic waste dumps
                                          BG2519    Orientation for sustainable agriculture
                                          BG25110  Personal habits in food consumption
                                          BG25111  Treatment of animals in livestock production,
                                                              laboratory research, and hunting

                          BG252    Economic aspects
                                          BG25121  Agricultural economics
                                          BG25122  Biotechnology in promoting economic growth

            BG26     Other
                           BG261    Alternative medicine

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