Collection Description

Climate Ethics Climate ethics collection is focusing on the gathering of latest scientific and journalistic documentation available on the ethical and theoretical framework around climate change regulation and ethics, including the problematic tendency toward "climate deregulation", i. e. mesures taken to scale back climate mitigation standards.

In: his review of S. Gardiner and D. Weisbach (2016): Debating Climate Ethics (Oxford: UP), Byron Williston explains the normative issue around climate ethics, as directly related to:

"The stated goal of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) [which] is to ensure that greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are stabilized so that "dangerous anthropogenic interference" in the climate system is avoided. In December 2015, (...) the Conference of Parties, met in Paris and agreed that the only way to prevent such interference is to keep average global temperatures "well below" 2°C relative to the pre-industrial baseline (...) Meeting the target -- or even just avoiding the path of catastrophe we are already on, which is taking us to a 5°C world -- will require bold policy innovation. The question is, what theoretical tools best equip us to understand the challenge?" (NDPR, 2016.11.20). Library provides updated research papers showing the promises of progress, and good will as well as the concrete risks of regressus, inherent to this intergenerational problem and moral dilemma. The whole collection has been updated as of February 2018.


Classification tree: Overview

BA1     Reference works
BA2     Institutional documents
BA3     Climate ethics themes
BA4     Climate ethics by geographical areas


Classification tree
BA1     Reference works
            BA11     Encyclopedias
            BA12     Dictionaries
            BA13     Bibliographies
            BA14     Handbooks/methodologies
            BA15     Book reviews
            BA16     Theses and dissertations

BA2    Institutional documents
           BA21     General
           BA22     International and intergovernmental organisations
                          BA221     Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC)
                          BA222     United Nations institutions and agencies
                          BA223     Others
           BA23     Continental governmental organisations
           BA24     National Governments
           BA25     International Non-governmental organisations
           BA26     Continental non-governmental organisations
           BA27     National non-governmental organisations
           BA28     Other

BA3     Climate Ethics Themes
            BA31     General
            BA32     Climate Justice Principles
                           BA321     Generalities
                           BA322     Climate Justice Principles
                           BA323     Human Rights
                           BA324     Intergenerational Justice
                           BA325     Other
            BA33     Climate and Sciences
                           BA331     General
                           BA332     Agriculture/food
                           BA333     Biodiversity
                           BA334     Natural resources
                           BA335     Technologies/geoengineering
                           BA336     Climate skepticism/Science communication
                           BA337     Other
            BA34     Climate and Development
                           BA341     General
                           BA342     Poverty, human vulnerability or climate vulnerability and risks 
                           BA343     Refugees/migration
                           BA344     Woman/gender
                           BA345     Indigenous people
                           BA346     Peasants
                           BA347     Adaptation/Lifestyle change
                           BA348     Demography
                           BA349     Other
            BA35     Climate and Economy
                           BA351     General
                           BA352     Economic development
                           BA353     Financing climate change
                           BA354     Emissions trade
                           BA355 Trade
                           BA356 Other
            BA36     Climate and Energy
                           BA361     General
                           BA362     Non renewable energy
                           BA363     Renewable Energy
                           BA364     Other

            BA37     Climate and Politics
                           BA371     Utility, right to pay for compensation and the liberal democratic point of view
                           BA372     Majority and the radical democratic point of view
                           BA373     Equality of consideration and respect and the socialist point of view
                           BA374     Identity, culture and the communautarian point of view
                           BA375     Legal texts/Law
                           BA376     Neoliberal reaction and politics of deregulation
            BA38     Climate and religion
                           BA381     General
                           BA382     Buddhist ethics
                           BA383     Christian ethics
                                            BA3831     General
                                            BA3832     Orthodox ethics
                                            BA3833     Catholic ethics
                                            BA3834     Protestant ethics
                           BA384     Confucian ethics
                           BA385     Hindu ethics
                           BA386     Islamic ethics
                           BA387     Jewish ethics
                           BA388     Ecumenic or interreligious ethics
                           BA389     Philosophy and climate change

BA4     Climate ethics by geographical areas
            BA41     Global level
            BA42     Continental level
                          BA421    Asia -Oceania
                          BA422    Africa
                          BA423    Europe
                          BA424    Latin America
                          BA425    North America

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