Ecotheology Climate Justice and Food Security
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The non-identity problem in climate ethics: a restatement
Climate change, intergenerational justice, and the non-identity effect
Estudo comparativo : unidade letiva Ecologia e Valores do programa de Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica e educação ambiental e desenvolvimento sustentável do programa de Cidadania e Desenvolvimento
El Potencial de la Religión para el Desarrollo de la Paz en Colombia. Identificando campos de acción para la GIZ GmbH gracias a un análisis económico de la religión y un estudio empírico de las cooper...
Effect of Religious and Cultural Information of Olive Oil on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Japan
Endogenous Political, Institutional, Cultural, and Geographic Determinants of Intermunicipal Cooperation—Evidence from Slovakia
Motives and Role of Religiosity towards Consumer Purchase Behavior in Western Imported Food Products
Sustainable Behavior among Spanish University Students in Terms of Dimensions of Religion and Spirituality
Wozna, Antonina Mª (ed.), Pisar tierra sagrada. Ecología y justicia.
Exploring the Future of Christian Monasticisms
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